No Devils, Nor Angels
No Devils, Nor Angels  stories

madtrouble Just a small person with a vast mind
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My first written words in too long.

No Devils, Nor Angels

by Madtrouble

It's been years since I've been able to put my thoughts into words.

To gather everything in my head in such a way as to make it actually comprehendible to another literate being.

I sometimes wonder if inside other people's minds I would find a slew of perplexed contradictions.

If everyone else is invariably arguing with themselves.

Like it all makes so much sense,

But at the same time, it's all utterly absurd.

Is this normal?

Is everyone else steadily questioning himself or herself?

I feel like I'm so unsure in my thoughts.

A part of me is saying that everything is okay, that I'm doing the right thing, that I'm a good person.

The other part cowers in my head, beating my thought built certainty of dire inquest.

I can feel the two sides regularly confront each other.

Like that cliché image of the devil and angel on each shoulder.

But there are no devils, nor angels.

Only the manifestations of my own positive and negative thoughts.

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