Fate's Child
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madqueenstorm Freelance writer, published poet
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Fate's Child abandoned by destiny

Fate's Child

Fate's Child

abandoned by destiny

a raging tempest of words

every tear shed

an ink-stained torrent

giving pain form and shape

cruel claws embedded deep

in ruined psyche...

beautiful isn't it

the agony and the fire and the fury of it

to touch those nightmares given life

spilled across smoking paper

is to ride the lightning into consciousness

gaining faith in the madness she embodies

the grasping soul hungers for more

disparate threads Arachne weaves

spun on Arianrhod's Wheel

bloodied fingers lace and twist

the poetic storm contained in glass

now suspended ornamentally

has she bled enough for you yet?

has the words she writes penetrated?

Fate's Child

the lost one

the doomed one

no beginning

and no end...

underneath it all

just a girl who wanted to be heard...


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