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A story about young girl that confronts drama and tragedy while she is a teenager and how is that gonna change her life up side down in a tremendous way that gonna blow your mind while reading.

It all started when she was a little girl; she had a wonderful childhood that any child could ask for.

She was that smart kid that was loved and spoiled since the day she was born from everyone.

She had the best relationship with god; he was always there by her side guiding, comforting her like he is watching only over her coz she's his beloved child.

She always wanted to grow up like any other child whose dream is growing up. But she didn't know what was waiting for her.

The good spirit was within her soul; but she didn't know that when she'll grow up things are going to change in a tremendous way that she won't like

It was a sunny day when she woke up, feeling different than any other day before.

She felt that things are changing and she is changing in particular; she is getting old while she's still a teenager her age seemed to be 30 while she's only 16.

She started to discover that the world is so cruel; it's not pink as she imagined.

Day after day the good spirit within her soul started to disappear slowly that she couldn't realize herself anymore.

Layla was a cute little brunette girl with an adorable light blue eyes and tiny freckles on her face.

It all begins when Layla woke up feeling that everything is not okay as it seemed, looking in the mirror and feeling that she can't recognize herself anymore.

It was her father's death that brought her to the real cruel world that she didn't thought she would face it as long as her dad by her side.

But unfortunately, she got no one by her side except Adam

Adam was her childhood friend, neighbor. He was that boy with a beautiful smile that could make anyone forget his pain. Adam had that soft brown hair with a catchy brown eyes.

He was a passionate, creative 20 years old young man

Layla was shocked when her father died since she was a lonely child and he was the only person she got in this world.

Layla's mum left when she was a little kid and since then her father and Adam were the only reason for her happiness.

She was loved and spoiled from everyone who knew her; she got that shining soul that used to show up on her face but since that day and her father's tragedy everything changed.

It was the 2nd of April, when she got that news and everything including her life stopped since then.

Since that day their house tend to be full of people that she knew and people that she didn't and she was extremely lost.

Adam tried to be there for her, comforting her as much as he can but it seemed like she is in a coma while she is alive. Everything for her lost its meaning.

Adam's family tried to take care of her and convince her to go and stay with them but she refused to leave her house.

She told them daddy left me but I can't leave our house coz that's the only memory remaining for me with a very miserable face and tears in her eyes.

Layla started to create her own world. She had the night as her ally. The life she had on her mind, dreams through the night was much better than the one she already had during day.

She seemed to be full of life but her mined seemed to be far far away from our world. Layla seemed to be lost; sometimes she could not realize the reality from the dreams.

But she didn't surrender and she tried to fight as much as she can but every time she fought by her own....coz sometimes she lost her strength and hope in God and felt weak.

She lost herself for a long time and she could not regain her soul back.

Adam tried to be by her side for a few times but he didn't seem to be holdin on her when she needed him the most although when she confronted him with that he said '' One day you will

thank me''. For her she couldn't understand how she gonna thank him for doing that and letting her when she needed him.

Layla started to have a lot of questions inside her head and a lot of contradictions that she couldn't find answers for them.

She tried to seek God a lot of times but she felt that God is not answering her right away coz he is waiting the right time and maybe he was waiting her to learn something out of that.

She couldn't realize the purpose of her life; she realized that the world is so cruel.

Although, she thought that she's strong and nothing could break her but by the time her father died she felt like her soul has been taken away from her and she can't live anymore.

She started to get into a severe depression feeling that her body is alive while her soul is not.

So she started to focus on things that she never thought she'd be focusing on and since the night was her ally; she started to have conversations with the stars and the moon as if they

were real people. Sometimes talking to god also was one of the things that she did at night and looking beyond the sky knowing that part of her soul is up there.

She is wandering and hymning that she's going to leave; leaving all the people who loves her in sorrow as her father's death did to her. She's dying inside and no one could feel her.

to be continued......

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