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madmuffin19 Beautiful eyes, deceiving
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Save Mother Nature before it's too late! We can do it if we work together!

Nurture Nature

Take the time to look around and see

the beauty of nature.

Caress her, hold her, save her.

We've only got one, and she's the one we've got.

Imagine a world with no fresh, clean water...

No Trees

No flowers


Or bees

How could we live in such a world, without these things?

Well, simply put...

We couldn't

So next time your outside, breathing in the fresh air...

Be sure to thank her, for all of her love, support, and care.

Things you can do to save her: 1: Plant a tree 2: Recycle 3: Carpool 4: Treat animals kindly 5: Donate to animal awareness and nature charities. 6: Ride a bike instead of driving 7: Throw garbage in the garbage. Not on the ground. 8: Plant flowers 9: Use reusable instead of plastic

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