Who have I become
Who have I become  sad stories

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I don't know how to fix the damage I have done. And I don't expect forgiveness from anyone.

Who have I become

I have lost so much of myself

Between the break ups and hang ups

Parts of me left on the lips of lost lovers

Shadows of me

On the walls built between friends

Ashes of me

Spread across these Bridges that are burning

Drops of me

In the salted tears that smear her make up

I hope one day I will wake up

Far away from the person I used to be

Away from all the guilt and apologies

I want to shake the grief that is haunting me

Sorry grows dry in my throat and I choke on the irony of asking people to forgive me for the damage I've done

And the quiver in my voice when I wake up to no one

It's my fault

This is my bed and I made it

And my God do I hate it.

I would bleed every drop just to stop this mental torture I put myself through

Every day and every night I struggle and fight with the voice in my head that's yelling so loud

And it drowns out every audible sound

But I know that it's right

I can't undue the past

And I can't make amends for those that will never mend

I can't force anyone to forgive or forget

And I have to live with every twinge of regret

And I'll bet

I wouldn't have even forgiven me yet.

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