You Cannot Divide Zero by Zero
You Cannot Divide Zero by Zero sexual-assault-awareness stories

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In light of sexual assault awareness month, I have decided to share some of my story. I ask that everyone remembers that this is a serious issue in todays world that needs to be addressed. I am a survivor 💛

You Cannot Divide Zero by Zero

You cannot divide zero by zero

You cannot walk in the street without hearing the catcalls as you move past

You cannot go in public without them looking at your breast as they undress you with their eyes

You cannot forget their cold icy fingers on your skin as you beg them to stop

You cannot forget the moment when you just gave up and felt empty as they used your body

You cannot forget them telling you that you liked it as they laughed and left you in the back of your own car

You cannot forget that nobody helped you

You cannot forget that everybody asked you what you were wearing when it happened

You cannot forget the feeling in your stomach when the police said that nothing can be done

You cannot forget the shame you felt when you finally told someone

You cannot forget the eyes on you as you walked onto the psychiatric unit

You cannot forget that you felt punished while sitting in the cold group room, unable to see your loved ones

You cannot forget returning to classes and feeling like you were never safe

You cannot forget everybody at school laughing as they make rape jokes

You cannot forget every single detail even though it's been 2 years

And you cannot divide zero by zero

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