I Don’t Miss You
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madisonkearns I will write until my fingers bleed.
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I haven’t forgotten you.

I Don’t Miss You

I don’t remember what it was like to be yours.

I don’t remember how you kissed or how you intertwined your hand with mine. I don’t remember how you held me.

I don’t remember any of that.

What I remember is how I felt. I remember the emotion. I remember loving you more than life itself.

Now remains the longing. It comes and goes, really. It’s that periodic feeling of missing something. I don’t miss you, exactly.

I miss looking over to the seat next to me and seeing a sweet face; eyes filled with adoration.

I miss going to bed knowing that I’m loved and waking up with the intent of speaking with the person whose smile makes even the brightest star seem dull.

I miss being treated like there’s no one in the world that’s loved more than I.

I miss all of the emotion, all of the commotion, all of the devotion.

I miss all of that.

I don’t miss you.

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