The Lynel Of Ploymus Mountain (pt 1 of 2)
The Lynel Of Ploymus Mountain (pt 1 of 2) mipha stories

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Mipha and Link encounter the Lynel on Ploymus Mountain

1 of 2 parts because the character limit was reached.

The Lynel Of Ploymus Mountain (pt 1 of 2)

“Hello, Link. It has been quite some time since you last visited.” Mipha smiled warmly. “How are you?”

Link shrugged and tried a smile. Something was clearly on his mind. There was also something on Mipha’s, and thankfully, she thought it might make Link feel better. She knew how fighting helped clear the poor boy’s mind.

“I’m glad to see you, as usual. And since you’re here… can I ask something of you?” Link nodded without hesitating. “There is a beast… the Lynel that resides on Ploymus Mountain. It has been terrorizing innocent people. Do you think… you’re up to the task of defeating it?”

A confident smirk tugged at his lips. He gave her a slight nod and walked straight past her. Mipha cocked her head to the side and followed behind him curiously. Mipha admired his courage; she hoped that one day she would be as brave as him. To be able to rise up to any challenge, to protect her people, to prove that she wasn’t just a princess, but a strong fighter.

People already underestimated her as a possible champion, saying that she was useless as a fighter.

Of course, she didn’t tell Link about her troubles, he wouldn’t relate, as no one would say the same about him. He had always been a skilled swordsman, even when he was just a little boy. He wouldn’t understand what she was going through. Or would he?

Mipha jogged after the blonde-haired boy. He was a fast walker, and certainly took larger steps than her small feet did. “Link? Where are you going?” She asked, although she already knew the answer. It was obvious where. Where else would he be going?

Link stopped in his tracks right before he reached the end of the central bridge. He smiled slightly as he let Mipha catch up. His head tilted as Mipha stopped in front of him. He answered her question with a brief nod, before starting off again. Mipha continued to follow him as he followed the trail to Ploymus Mountain.

“I’m proud of you, Link.” She smiled as her eyes followed the ground. The air was colder out here than it was in the domain, and the breeze was a gentle touch on her skin. “You really don’t hesitate to accept any challenge…”

Link’s head turned slightly, seemingly expecting Mipha to continue speaking. He continued to walk ahead with his eyes fixed in front of him. Mipha’s eyes travelled to the darkness sealing sword on his back, The Master Sword.

“Growing up, I heard stories of a sword that slept in a forest, the ‘darkness sealing’ sword, waiting for a boy with the Spirit of the Hero to come and retrieve it.” Link’s head turned more this time as he listened. “After I met you, I had no doubt that the boy in our era… would be you.”

Link smiled, for real this time. He stopped walking, and turned around fully so he could look Mipha in the eyes. He nodded. That was all he seemed to do now to communicate. More than anything, Mipha just wanted to hear his voice again. It was all she wanted from him at the moment. She truthfully hoped that fighting the Lynel would get him to talk to her at least a little.

“W-We should hurry to the mountain…” She stuttered as she followed Link’s gaze. Were his eyes that beautiful before? She wondered how she didn’t notice how pretty his gaze was before now. It reminded her of a river.

Perhaps Link’s eyes weren’t too different to one. His eyes were calm, still, and easy to get lost in. Mipha’s cheeks felt warm when she realised she was staring. She blinked twice and looked down at the floor as she twiddled her thumbs. “We sh-should be off.”

She didn’t even notice the red flush in Link’s cheeks as he quickly turned around right when it happened. What… What was that…? He thought to himself as his heart began racing. Why does my face feel hot…? He shook off the thought and continued up the mountain. When they reached the sign right before the top of the mountain, Link bit his lip. He turned to Mipha, and her eyes widened when he said, “you should go back to the Domain.”

“Wh… what? W-Why?” She stammered.

“I…” Link suddenly felt breathless. Why did he tell her to turn back? I don’t want her to get hurt. “I should be fine on my own.”

Mipha didn’t hesitate to shake her head. “No, I’m coming with you.” Before Link could say anything else, Mipha raised her hand to silence him. “I won’t let you fight this fight alone.”

“But…” I don’t want anything to happen to you. “I’ll be fine.”

Mipha suddenly thought of all the times people had told her they didn’t need her help. It wasn’t that they didn’t need her, it was that they thought she’d be more trouble for them. They thought she’d offer nothing to the battle but trouble. Tears of frustration welled in her eyes. She felt useless. Everyone always made her feel so useless.

Link took notice. “Mipha, I-I’m so sorry…” I just don't want you to get hurt. “I think it will be safer if you stay behind.” Link mentally yelled at himself in anger. Why was he so unable to say what he wanted? He was making things much worse than they needed to be.

“It’s okay… Nobody ever needs my help.” Link could see the hurt in her eyes.

He clenched his fists and through grit teeth he said, “I can’t let anything happen to you!” Link sighed and closed his eyes. He expected her to laugh at him.

Mipha gasped almost silently. She looked down. “Why not? Because you care… or because everyone at the domain would kill you if I got hurt?” The giggle that came after relieved Link’s nerves. He thought she was serious.

But he answered anyway. “Because I care. About you.”

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