Love Story for the Led On
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madelinejoy Community member
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Here’s my submission for the contest!

Love Story for the Led On

i am only a lover when we're under the sheets

that's what he told me

well not really

it was the tracing of my thighs

and the look of lust passed to my eyes

giving me the sign that i was worthy.

worthy to be loved solely at night

worthy for the sick feeing traveling from my stomach to my throat

when i see that grey arrow after sending you a good morning text

this isn't about sex

this is about how i've always been taught to grasp onto and hold on tight to what you want. and if you work fast enough, you might have it

but because of my slow reactions

i lose a lot

so i learned to play fast

i would be in different arms each night

i would hear different i love yous

feel different hands on my curvature

and i thought this was love

i think this is love

i see different eyes each night and when i dream i imagine what it would be like to see that pair before i sleep.

to see their eyes shine

to watch them cry

so i could trace my finger under and wipe their fears

but instead i wipe my own

because i know that this is what it feels like to be alone

i know how my own heart beats

but i would like to know your own

yet i never get the chance to

and never will

just for a thrill i want to know if you ever think about me the way i think about you ?


don't answer please i don't want to be let down.

i've been let down a lot

and it's not your fault

neither is it mine.

that i'm just standing under a ladder like it's mistletoe

waiting for the time that you kiss me

or atleast say that you miss me

i never do but i know that i should

put armor around my heart if could

it would keep me from feeling all the hurt in life

but i question is that a life worth living?

if i tune out the bad where's theres only good

the good will be cursed

transforming into worse

so i'll wear my heart on my sleeve others can see the journey i've been on

this is an ode to being led on

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