The Truth About Vacations
The Truth About Vacations child stories

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When you're a child, your parents sometimes have no choice but to lie to you.

The Truth About Vacations

In the morning, Daddy woke me up instead of the jingle of the alarm clock. It was Christmas Eve, not Christmas yet.

Santa hadn’t come, why was Daddy waking me up so early? The clock said it was 6:35 in the morning. That’s when Hailey woke up for the big school, but it wasn’t even a school day!

“Hey Emmy, come downstairs after you get dressed,” Daddy said gently. His tone scared me, “Me, you, Johnnie, Hailey, and Christopher have to go somewhere today!”

“What about Mommy?” I asked. I was curious. Mommy was supposed to be off today and had promised to bake cookies with me tonight.

Daddy looked at me and smiled, sadness gleaming in his eyes for a brief second, then he told me, “Mommy isn’t coming with us, she’s busy somewhere else.”

“Well, where is she?” I badgered over and over again until he answered, poking his arm and causing him to flinch a little bit. I giggled.

“Mommy went somewhere nice for a long vacation,” Daddy replied, seeming to look past me and out the window. Mommy’s car was gone, so Daddy had to be telling the truth.

Mommy usually drives herself to her business vacations, so wouldn’t she for a regular vacation?

Daddy left, and whenever I finished getting dressed and ran down the stairs, it was 6:45. Daddy was holding Christopher and staring out the window again.

Why is he doing that? Does he miss Mommy? He’s never been like this before when she’s gone.

Hailey and Johnnie came downstairs, and Johnnie went outside to clean the snow off the car.

I would usually go and help him, but Hailey looked sad and she likes when I stay with her to help her feel better. I think. “Will we be having breakfast, Daddy?” I asked.

Mommy usually makes breakfast, but when she’s gone, we all make breakfast as a family! It’s great, but sometimes Johnnie and Daddy fight over who’s cleaning up afterwards.

“No, Emma, I just want you and Hailey to go out to the car,” Daddy replied curtly. Hailey got up, pushed her chair in, and told me to come with her. I followed her out the door.

Five minutes later, we were already on the road. The car ride passed quickly, and I did not know where I was going. Daddy drove strictly, without the radio on, and Hailey was crying.

Daddy and Johnnie kept their eyes on the road.

I glanced at Hailey, looking up at her with big eyes. “Hailey, why are you crying?”

She rubbed her eyes, trying to wipe away the tears, and then meet my eyes, “Mommy didn’t tell any of us about her vacation,” she forced out, “None of us knew she was going, and I miss her.”

Daddy’s eyes shot into the mirror in the car, examining us for a second before he slowly replied, “She’s having a good time right now. Don’t worry, where she went is very nice.

But it’s very far away.”

“That’s for sure,” Hailey said, her tone scared me. Everyone stared straight forward after that, and I buried my face in my lap.

Finally, we arrived at our destination. Daddy got out of the car. “Johnnie, Hailey, you come with me,” he commanded. He shot me a glance, “Emmy, stay put. We’ll be back in just a few minutes.

” He sounded serious, so I stay put, just like he said.

More than a few minutes happened. The building we were sitting in front of was the hospital, at least I think it was. I remember once Johnnie ended up there, but I don’t remember how.

His buddy Harry had called to tell us. That was a fun time because Grandma came over to play with me! She’s Mommy’s mommy.

I really really really really needed to go to the bathroom. Daddy said he’d be back soon, but it’s been a while and he still wasn’t back and I needed to go to the bathroom.

I know Daddy said to “stay put”, but I don’t think I’d make it if I stayed in here any longer.

I unlocked the car door, and I left the car, entering the hospital. A lot of people passed by me, and I had no idea where to go. So, I went down a hallway that was close to me.

There had to be a bathroom around here somewhere, and it was closer to the car than the other hallway.

I went down the hallway, and there was a door at the end. There was no window at the door, so maybe it was the bathroom. Bathroom doors usually don’t have any windows.

At least, I’ve never seen a bathroom door with a window. So it must be a bathroom, I’m sure of it!

I turned the doorknob and opened the door. They don’t lock bathrooms in public places. So it must be a bathroom!

I looked around. This was a… strange bathroom. It was cold, and instead of toilets they had a lot of like… drawer things. There was a table, and I saw someone’s foot on the table.

They were covered up the rest of the way.

There was also a window, and I think that I could see Daddy, Johnnie, and Hailey through the window! I waved at them, but I don’t think they could see me. Hailey was still crying.

She shouldn’t be sad, I’m sure Mommy will be back soon!

I wonder why the person on the table is covered up? Are they normally like that? This is hardly the place to nap, it’s so cold in here, but I guess if you were

sleepy you would nap there. But that blanket isn’t too warm-looking, so I don’t know how the person there is doing that. I should ask them! They probably won’t mind, and I really wanna know.

I uncovered the blanket, but the person under the blanket didn’t respond… That person was… Mommy. “Mommy, what are you doing here?” I asked.

She didn’t answer me, “Mommy?” I continued, “You didn’t tell me you’d be coming here to take a nap?”

I noticed that her eyes were shut. She wasn’t responding. She looked pale. And she had what Daddy would call a

of a cut on her forehead. It almost looked like you could see her brain through it! That must’ve hurt! I hoped Mommy was feeling okay.

“Mommy?” I inquired, “Mommy?” She wasn’t responding.

Then I realized something. Mommy always said that one day, when we’re really old or not feeling well, we leave our bodies and go to heaven.

Maybe it was just Mommy’s time? But like, Mommy wasn’t old, and she seemed like she was feeling fine.

I heard talking from the other side of the window. “Yes, Mrs. Baker was in an accident last night.

We estimate that the cause of death was likely blunt force trauma to the head, that occured before time of death.”

“If I’ll be honest with you, she is pretty beaten up, so brace yourselves. Tell me when you’re ready, and we’ll go in.” It was the doctor talking.

From that information, I learned that Mommy had gone to heaven… Does that mean she’s never coming back? But I’ll miss her! She can’t just leave me.

Why would Daddy and Johnnie lie to me about her being on vacation? They said that lying is bad.

Daddy, Johnnie, and Hailey began to move towards the door on their side of the wall. I couldn’t let them see me, because I didn’t want to make Daddy mad, so I left and went to the car.

A few minutes later, Daddy returned, and Johnnie and Hailey followed. When Daddy turned to look at me, I just simply said, “Mommy didn’t go on vacation.”

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