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madeleineteran Not a poet, just someone trying to vent.
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Love is unexpected, when it knocks on your door let it in. You’d be surprised of how much you have been missing.


On our first date, there were no expectations, But little did I know that Your emails would be charming , Your eyes would be mischievous, Your Jokes would be funny, And that you... you would be so real.

Icook, Miller’s were great for a second date, But we definitely had more fun at 5 burros cafe, Varsity jacket, hair and make up was done, With margaritas and beers at hand, We got to know each other’s fears, dreams and goals.

Your past scars me a whole lot, Uncertainty of where you were in your life path was always a question mark?! I have loved and been hurt in the past, Therefore walls like the walls of China were built in my heart, Yet, with your love, understanding and charm, They have been coming down like th Berlin Wall.

Burros, 718 and new friends is what we have experienced together, Crazy nights of love and bickering have come and will always keep us on our toes, There’s never a dull moment when we are together, Laughter, jokes, teasing and sarcasm , Link us together like two pieces of a puzzle.

Not sure what the future holds for us, But if this I am sure, Just like Bonnie and Clyde, You will forever be my ride or die.

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