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madeleineteran Not a poet, just someone trying to vent.
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Left behind and broken-hearted. He never bothered to look back.


You left and broke my heart, You left without looking back, I missed you, cried myself to sleep every night, Telling myself it’ll be alright, And as of today, I can say I’m alright.

You left on a cold December night, My heart was left broken and in shock, Who knew anxiety after a break up was a real thing? Now I know that for my next break up my body will reject any meal.

Not sure what hurt the most, You, leaving unsure of how I’ll be when you were gone? Or not hearing from you at all, Not a call or a text came through the phone, And yet all I wanted was to hear your voice.

Hopes of getting back together diminished as day went by, All I could do is ask myself why? Did I do something wrong? Did I push too hard? Did I expect too much? Or was this relationship nothing but a lie?

These are questions that still linger on my mind, Questions that won’t ever get an answer back, This poem I’ve written you, will never see the light, Because you never appreciate it my love and my heart.

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