Not Everyone is Good
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maddielion using words as an outlet
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Not Everyone is Good

The snow falls quietly on the busy urban street

I was relaxed, at ease with how I felt after a long-awaited therapy session

The snow is starting to fall harder now

I don't mind, I don't have anywhere to be

Unexpectedly, there's a deep scream that echoes in the silence of the white blanketed concrete

On the corner of Madison and Greene, a white man jumps out of his expensive, shiny vehicle

He begins to verbally assault the black taxi driver that had just tapped his car

People break out of the snow daze and look up

Now the white man is shoving and hitting the black man's chest

Everyone stares. No one intervenes.

My blood starts to boil.

So I dial 911 as quick as possible and describe in full detail the assaulter and his license plate number.

Even after a small mistake, no one deserves to be treated in that manner.

On the corner of Madison and Greene

I'm reminded that not everyone in the world is good, and racism is still inherently alive and well.

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