Undone (A short story)
Undone (A short story) w/love stories

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Heh romance.

Undone (A short story)

He was all the energy she wasn't. He was heat and love and passion, she was cool waters and patience and faith. They were from two different worlds, but both told a history of hurt.

He was abandoned she was betrayed. But they fell in love all the same.

He saw all of her hurt but didn't think less of her. She saw all of his rough edges but loved him still. They knew each other instinctively, all of the other emotions were already known.

They found they had no need to talk about the weather or make other such small talks.

But she was a maze of hidden secrets. No one has ever gotten to the heart. But he came into the maze and removed the walls she had put up. She was vulnerable to him and it scared her.

He never walked away though. He never hurt her and helped her heal.

Everything she had ever stood for, walls and security, he seemed to not need. Her boundaries were respected but dropped away with him.

She loved him. All of the ugly parts he wasn't proud of and all of the things he loved.

She loved him for how he spoke about things he loved, how his soft chuckle was easy to pull out of him, how he was gentle with her but gruff with everyone else.

She loved how she seemed to be the only thing on his mind.

He treasured her. He saw everything broken and everything barely put back together, still, he loved her. He loved how softly she spoke, how her eyes lit up when she thought about him or saw him.

He loved her steady silence and gentle guidance. He loved how every tiny victory she had, she celebrated.

She came undone with him and didn't fear the outcome like she usually does. All of her internal panic when it came to men dissipated with him.

She was undone, and she never felt so in love or loved by anyone else.

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