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Thank you guys so much and i hope when you have time because we all have our own lives that you will watch my other videos

Inner Soul

Have you ever hear the voice inside of your head well if you do do you listen to it sometimes it can be your best friend or the worse thing in the world and all though when we don't want it

it pops up even more! Well I am here to tell you why...

When they scanned the brains of people who reported hearing voices, they discovered that many of the same areas of the brain are active during both auditory hallucinations and inner speech.

Broca's area, for example, is often active in people when they're hearing voices .Chances are, you are reading this first sentence and hearing your own voice talking in your head.

According to a new study, internal speech makes use of a system that is mostly employed for processing external speech, which is why we can "hear" our inner voice.

Thank you for your time and watch my next vidoes

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