Words of Lonely People
Words of Lonely People stories

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Words of Lonely People

I am the words of lonely people floating on the breeze arms longing to be filled holding broken sobs and shattered dremas. I look for ears to speak into in search for hearts to touch the last of bitter hopes of those that ache too much.

I am a lack of shadows on a wall. I'm the unbroken silence that till starkly houses where no one comes to call. I'm what you whisper to the darkness of a wife who's bed is long since left My body's the remorse you cry when you punched her in the chest

I am the well-known sobs of a monster at a crib I was also in the tiny coffin when they shut the lid. I am carried on the wind from every sigh that's breathed to consume all those that's given in to their lonely souls upon it;s bended knee

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