Willow Wanderer
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Long, the willow wanderer By the day and through the night.

Willow Wanderer

Long, the willow wanderer

By the day and through the night.

He's searching for the wind

To be bendable and light.

He grows long arms with feathery leaves

And his trunk, a gnarled face.

Despite the roads he's taken

He will find his windy place.

First, he took to pussywillows

They taught him how to bend and sway

But this was not his wind

And so he uprooted and went away.

He hunkered down beneath a mighty oak

Who asked him why did he cry?

He answered through his shaking leaves,

"I want my leaves to windy, fly!

For is that not what a tree is made for?

Survival for it's own sake?"

The oak tree lowered his great arm,

"You must learn to give if you want to tale"

"But what can I give I have no wind?"

"Ah, but a tree can only do it's best!

Look inside my branches. I am

Home to squirrel holes and bird's nests.

But you are young, little willow!

You have much to learn. Grow

Strong and proud and ruddy.

There are many things you've yet to know"

So the willow settled in a field

Where he knows will come the wind

And he can gather knowledge and though he is still

His journey's just begun.

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