The Tower of my Son
The Tower of my Son stories

madamguillotine Angry gay REALLY into Dead Poets Society
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Just an disclaimer: I don't have kids. it's just something I wrote

The Tower of my Son

I went to the water's edge to build a child out of sand first I built him weak and frail then I built him fine and grand. He was a tower and a son to me like any child of man and I cried a mother's tears when he was swept to sea I watched the earth reclaim his bones

as he melted at the touch he looked at me with dying breath and told me not to weep too much I combed over every bead in an attempt to find a meaning

Words burned deep within my soul in my mind repeating Not till I held the final grain did I know the tower of my son, Not dead but scattered on the wind and rain He was in my step I'd taken since journey's first begun

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