The End of Days
The End of Days stories

madamguillotine Angry gay REALLY into Dead Poets Society
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The End of Days

Stand on the brink of forever staring at the swirling never. There is no calmness here in the end that's drawing near. The present strewn about your feet glowing in the future's heat. Once you were history and now you are legendary.

The past pumps in your veins letting this moment rain on your cheeks like a bloodbath in the street. Making this breath a invitation to Death to rap upon your door. And the gilded syllables you once explored

have trickled through your fingers like waves against a river and you're begging for your stars to shine but all you taste is blood and all you hear is wine

because your moon is now the sun and your hour's stole away because it's up, your time is out. It's the end of days

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