The Desert Will Come
The Desert Will Come stories

madamguillotine Angry gay REALLY into Dead Poets Society
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The Desert Will Come

The world's no longer scary but still upon my knees I fall I trip. I cut. I scrape. I bleed. But I shake my fist at the barren sky ask it for an answer then accuse it of lies

He will come in thunderous steps whisper forth the gifts he brings prosperity and gold if you should feel, upon your skin the gentle wash of sand

Run fast. Run far. Run while you can. You'll give yourself to desert knowledge and place gold into your hands

Now and forever you are bound to the desert swirling. He comes for you, heart, soul, and mind. You're now a brick for a building into his pyramid of praise his golden alter made by hand and sustained by blood and nurtured by sand. The Desert will come

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