Digging For Answers, Not Love - Chapter 1
Digging For Answers, Not Love - Chapter 1 superman stories
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Dr. Roxanne Shelby, a notable archaeologist with a mysterious past, grabs Clark Kent's attention especially after seeing her strange scars. While Clark struggles with accepting his new role as a superhero, Roxanne grapples with her markings true origins and how it connects her to a certain alien. They both have to work together to stop an alien invasion from destroying life on Earth.

Digging For Answers, Not Love - Chapter 1

The sun was beating down on the young archaeologist, Dr Roxanne Shelby. She could feel the sweat slowly dripping down her forehead.

They had been digging in this desert for days now with no luck. She wasn't sure if they were even looking in the right place.

Roxanne decides that they should take a break and strategize the next steps in their excavation.

As she was drinking water from her flask, she could feel a pair of eyes on her. She looks up and locks gazes with a tall dark-haired man with an ocean in his blue eyes.

He must have taken her look as an invitation to talk to Roxanne and makes his way over to where she is standing in the shade.

He nervously adjusts his glasses and shuffles his feet in the hot dirt. Eventually, he holds out his hand and introduces himself as a journalist for the Planet.

Roxanne inwardly rolls her eyes knowing exactly what he was after and dreading this conversation. "Hello Ms Shelby, I was wondering if I could get a quote on your opinion...."

As Ken was droning on, Roxanne was thinking of ways to get out of this situation.

Unfortunately, that problem solves itself when she heard gunshots.

The young woman ducks low and knocks down the clueless reporter to the ground to avoid him getting hit.

Landing on his chest she whispers, "stay here!" into his ear and starts to army crawl towards her pack on the ground.

She reaches her pack which is placed behind a boulder and regroups. Roxanne pulls out two machetes and sticks a few knives in her thigh holsters and boots.

After gearing up, she peers over the boulder and sees four armed men wearing face coverings and frantically searching through her journals.

Roxanne's eyes narrow and she stealthily approaches the men harassing her workers and digging through her research.

She raises her twin machetes and confidently says, "I will give you this one chance to leave and no one will get hurt." The men crack up laughing and taunt her.

But, she is mentally preparing herself for the fight that will inevitably ensue. Roxanne draws out of her trance-like state and attacks one of the armed men.

He fires at her and she dodges the bullets the best she can with adrenaline fueling all of her movements. She lands a few cuts with her machetes and kicks him with unexpected ferocity.

Meanwhile, Clark Kent quickly changes into his superhero persona and surveys his surroundings.

He sees a glint of metal and focuses in on the archaeologist attacking one of the shooters and handling herself well.

But, another man is sneaking up behind her and before he could attack her Superman throws himself into the action by knocking out the three remaining men.

Clark watches the woman take down the last man with a swift kick in the family jewels.

He decides to reveal himself as she looks around in confusion at the unconscious shooters. Once the dust clears, Roxanne looks up and spots a red and blue figure hovering in the air.

She vaguely recognizes the caped man as Metropolis' own superhero.

Superman lowers himself to the ground and approaches Roxanne as she helps her coworkers recover from the shock in the aftermath of the life-threatening situation.

Roxanne hears a deep voice behind her say, "ma'am are you alright?" She slowly turns toward the concerned man and sees the infamous superhero.

Roxanne glares at him and walks away shouting behind her, "It's Doctor, and I am peachy!"

She was annoyed that this man swooped in to save the day like she was some damsel in distress from medieval times.

She knew that she could handle the fight by herself having many experiences just like this one in her past digs.

What was unusual about this one was nothing was stolen and the bandits were only interested in her mother's old journals which held nothing but gibberish.

She brushes off that thought not ready to go into her painful memories and focuses on finding Ken, the reporter she lost track of in the chaos.

She looks around the site and doesn't see the ocean eyed man.

Roxanne feels a tap on her shoulder and whips around placing one of her machetes at the neck of whoever dares to catch her off guard.

She glares into the eyes of a shocked journalist whose glasses were tilted and his hands in the air.

After realizing there was no real threat Roxanne slowly lowers her weapon and says, "Sorry about that Ken. I must still have some adrenaline pumping in me."

The reporter after a few seconds standing there looking at her with disbelief firmly says, "My name is Clark Kent, Dr Shelby."

Roxanne slightly tilts her head to the side assessing Clark and slowly smirks. As she rights Clark's glasses she drawls out, "The name fits. After all, you're no Ken doll."

Clark flushes a bright red at her observation and close proximity to his face. He can practically smell her sandalwood lotion.

He nervously shifts to avoid getting caught in her glittering eyes while Roxanne closely examines the journalist for any injuries from the shooting.

After seeing no visible injuries to his person Roxanne gives Clark a sly smile and turns around and starts to walk away from him.

Shaking himself out of his daze he calls after her. "Hey! I still need to ask you some questions for the article."

Roxanne gives him a teasing smile and sarcastically shouts back, "Interview the flying demon instead, since he seems to have saved the day."

Clark shakes his head at the doctor's witty attitude and takes some quick pictures of the aftermath of the attack for the paper.

He doesn't understand her vague and evasive nature when being questioned and makes a point to look into her more once he gets home.

Clark studies the woman he's thinking about and sees something poking out on her collarbone.

With his advanced vision, Clark can clearly see a scar in the shape of a sort of symbol. As he focuses in on the symbol he can see that it's very old.

He wonders how she got the scar and how old she was. After seeing it, Clark feels a strange pull to Roxanne that he can't seem to put his finger on.

Roxanne bent over while packing up her research and Clark gets a clear view of the various scars heavily inflicted all over the expanse of her back.

As his eyes search for possibly more scars on her body Roxanne feels eyes on her again.

Through her curtain-like hair, she can see Clark staring at her. She smirks thinking that he's checking her out.

But, her body stiffens when she sees that he is directly looking at one of her many scars.

Feeling angry and ashamed that he could see this ugly part of her, Roxanne pulls her shirt down to cover the revealed scar and scowls at his curious eyes.

Roxanne has to get out of there fast before another curious reporter tries to ruin her life. She finishes packing up and drives to the airport ready to start a new chapter in her life.

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