Digging For Answers, Not Love - Chap 8 part 2
Digging For Answers, Not Love - Chap 8 part 2 superman stories

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continued from part 1 The doctor rips herself out of Faora's firm grasp and punches Lois squarely in the face. Lois' head whips back from the impact and her body crumbles to the ground in agony.

Digging For Answers, Not Love - Chap 8 part 2

continued from part 1

The doctor rips herself out of Faora's firm grasp and punches Lois squarely in the face. Lois' head whips back from the impact and her body crumbles to the ground in agony.

Everyone winces in sympathy when they hear the crunch of Lois' nose. Roxanne runs a hand through her brown hair and stalks over to where Lois is flat on the ground. Limp like a corpse.

She hoists Lois up by her shirt's collar and whispers in her ear, "Don't ever touch me again, do you understand?"

Lois tearfully nods and Roxanne smiles viciously before dropping her back to the ground. The alien lieutenant looks on with approval while Clark feels conflicted about how he should react.

"Let's go," Roxanne says emotionlessly.

Faora nods and leads them up the ramp into the ship. The other armed but nameless alien follows behind them, boxing them in like cattle.

Roxanne watches the ship's door shut on her world, her life, and her freedom. Her head drops, hair shielding the gathering tears in her eyes from view.

Superman grabs ahold of her hand in what she assumes is comfort but, she feels something sharp and cold in his palm.

Roxanne flicks her eyes to meet his own, he mouths 'key' and she slightly nods in understanding. Strangely, she does feel a bit better and a little too warm if she's being honest.

He releases her hand, the warm feeling vanishes and a shiver runs down her spine. As inconspicuously as she could manage Roxanne slides the strange key into her bra.

It's sharp and serrated edges poke at her skin but, it's the only place she could think they wouldn't search. This is the exact moment she realizes her bra and cleavage are on direct display.

Sputtering a little in embarrassment, Roxanne tries to salvage what's left of her shirt to cover herself. Faora comes back down the ladder presumably from contacting the main ship.

She sees Roxanne's failing efforts at modesty, and says, "You will be provided new clothing on board."

Roxanne smiles at her in appreciation but buttons the two remaining buttons before tying the ends of her red blouse into a makeshift crop top.

Feeling satisfied with her work, she looks up only to see Superman starting at her chest. Roxanne just waits. She doesn't move or try to get his attention.

The doctor wants to see how long it will take before he notices she caught him.

A minute later Clark looks up and sees Roxanne's unimpressed face staring him down. His ears turn red and she rolls her eyes in a way that can only be interpreted as, 'men'.

Clark is saved from explaining his actions when they dock on the main Kryptonian ship.

They are herded down the halls of the bigger ship towards where she assumes this Zod is. They reach a big room, almost like a command center.

She immediately locks eyes with a brown-haired man dressed in heavy battle armour.

He then shifts his eyes to address Superman, "The lost son of Krypton, you have no idea how long we have searched for you." Clark responds stoically, "I assume you're Zod."

Faora immediately cuts in, "General Zod, our commander..." Roxanne hears the loyalty and passion in the alien woman's voice and gains a bit of respect for the lieutenant.

Zod drones on and Roxanne loses interest quickly in the conversation when Clark starts to painfully cough.

His chest moves fast trying to get him air but something was wrong with what his lungs were breathing. Clark frantically looks for Roxanne, his eyes darting around the now blurry room.

He panics thinking that she won't be able to breathe and die. But, the doctor looks unaffected for some reason. She is currently harassing some of the silent alien guards for clothes.

But, she must have heard him fall to the ground because her body whips around and is immediately at his side.

"Hey E.T. you're not looking too hot right now," she grabs his hand and doesn't notice the marks on her stomach and back glow gold. But Zod does.

Clark groans and breathes heavily, his lungs rattling from the foreign atmosphere. He collapses entirely onto the ship's floor and continues struggling to breathe, coughing up blood.

Not knowing what else to do, Roxanne sits down and shifts his head onto her lap. Her hands stroke his black curly hair in what she hopes is a comforting motion.

Though barely conscious he can still vaguely see and hear what's going on.

"And you must be Roxanne Shelby," Zod's attention is fully on her and she's not going to lie, it's somewhat unnerving. He holds a firm hand out to the doctor.

Something in his intense gaze tells her he won't take no for an answer. Moving Superman's head from her lap and gently placing it back on the floor she places her hand in Zod's.

He easily pulls her up from her seated position and uses his grip on her to pull her closer.

The alien general reaches out with his other hand and moves a strand of her hair away from her face. Roxanne just observes him and tries to figure out his true motives.

Zod grasps her chin and looks into her furious jade eyes. He laughs heartily, "Such fire, good you'll need that." She rips her chin away from his hand to look back at Clark.

She somewhat relaxes after seeing his breathing finally even out. A searing sensation running along her body pulls at her attention.

Roxanne turns back around and sees Zod touching one of the marks on the exposed slip of her back. It glows a dark orange. Her brows furrow in confusion and fear.

She's never seen her scars do anything like that before. "How long have I waited to have you," Zod says as he turns her fully towards him.

He frowns seeing her unscarred chest before stating, "Soon I'll finish what your mother started for me all those years ago."

Roxanne's face morphs into one of pure terror, her body trembles under Zod's watchful gaze and lingering touch. Her eyes roll to the back of her head and she faints in his arms.

Zod catches her limp body with a smirk. He faces Clark who is glaring so hard at Zod he probably wished him dead. "Kal-el you should have completed the ritual when you had the chance.

Now it's too late." Clark asks, "Why her?"

Zod looks down at the woman he's dreamed of having and says, "she's meant to be the mother of the new generation of Kryptonians. She will ensure Krypton's survival."

Clark feels disgusted listening to Zod's plans for Roxanne and spits out, "So what, you breed her until she dies?"

Zod shakes his head at Clark's ignorance regarding his own people's traditions. "After I mark her and bond with her she'll have the first child of New Krypton.

If you don't give me the codex that will be her fate." Zod lies through his teeth, even if Kal-El handed over the codex, he would still bond with Roxanne.

Clark looks at her pale face with agony written all over his face. He wonders what will happen to Roxanne if he doesn't do something fast.

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