Digging For Answers, Not Love - Chap 6 part 2
Digging For Answers, Not Love - Chap 6 part 2 superman stories

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Continued from part 1 Clark rereads the letter a few times before the information from it fully sinks in. He's shocked but eager to see another part of his planet.

Digging For Answers, Not Love - Chap 6 part 2

Continued from part 1

Clark rereads the letter a few times before the information from it fully sinks in. He's shocked but eager to see another part of his planet.

But he's confused, Jor-El never mentioned a tablet when he talked to his hologram in the arctic circle.

Getting to his feet Clark grasps the wooden handle of a shovel and practically runs to the tree where his father tied a tire to for Clark to play on.

He stabs at the dirt and starts to dig directly underneath the tire. After about 20 minutes of shovelling out dirt to a growing pile off to the side, his spade clanks against something hard.

Leaning the shovel against the rough bark of the tree's trunk, Clark drops to his knees and reaches into the very sizable hole for what he's looking for.

His hand brushes against an object bigger than an average-sized rock and he pulls it out.

Brushing off some of the dirt clinging to it Clark can now see it's a canvas drawstring bag, or that's what it used to be.

Opening the dirt-stained bag Clark grabs the object inside revealing it to the open air for the first time in decades.

Taking a closer look he notices that it isn't very large or heavy but notices the stone has a durable quality to it. The stone is black in nature and is very smooth to the touch.

Clark has a hard time believing that this was handmade. He flips the tablet over and carvings litter the other side, barely showing any smoothness that he notices on the back.

Immediately, Clark observes that there are dozens more symbols on this tablet than what is written in his father's journal.

His mind begins to feel that itch that he felt from before, but instead of looking away Clark focuses harder on the symbols inscribed on the black tablet.

After a few more seconds Clark is ready to give up but then, he begins to understand what they mean.

The sensation is hard to explain but he would describe it as putting on glasses for the first time. Suddenly, everything just makes sense.

But Clark almost wishes he never laid eyes on this tablet.

It describes an abandoned tradition on Krypton that was outlawed because of its violent and barbaric nature towards the female population.

That before the people of Krypton developed the technological advancements to genetically engineer children, a ritual was performed to enhance fertility and create a mating bond between couples.

In alarming detail, it explains how the female is scarred with symbols of submission and fertility all over their body.

And to seal this claim, the male must carve his house's symbol on her chest and bite her neck to show possession and ownership of his property.

Clark is horrified at what he is reading and his breathing picks up as his brain starts to connect the dots. But still, he continues.

He reads that in rare cases if the ceremony is interrupted before the final seal and bite were executed that the female could be claimed by another.

It warns that if the marks remain unfinished the female's body will produce pheromones to entice the Kryptonian people to mate with them at whatever cost and complete the ritual.

Finally, at the end of the tablet is a note from his parents.

They explain that since no more fertile Kryptonian females exist, he'll have to perform this ritual on a human to ensure the line of Krypton continues.

Clark is absolutely and without a doubt freaking out right now. How is this even possible he thinks to himself. How is he supposed to do that to a woman he cares for.

And abruptly all of the puzzle pieces fit into place. Roxanne. Her mysterious scars inflicted by her mother. How they glow from his touch. His undeniable attraction to her.

It all makes sense now. The real question is how her mother came to know these symbols if she knew their true meaning.

Putting a pin in that, for now, he thinks about more pressing issues.

Clark can't help but wonder if he is truly attracted to Roxanne or if it was all alien pheromones?

Before he can ponder that thought anymore he comes to the realization that he has to tell Roxanne.

It's not like he can keep this information from her, it wouldn't be fair to offer her his help and then to lie.

That means she'll know his other identity but he can't keep this a secret, especially since it involves her.

Making up his mind, Clark tucks the slim tablet underneath his arm and walks toward the house to make a call. As he places a foot on the porch steps he hears his mother shout his name fearfully.

Racing into the house he sees his mother standing in front of their TV focusing intently on the screen.

It shows a static-filled image with a moving form saying how they came from a world far away.

Meanwhile, Roxanne is at her favorite coffee shop sketching lazily at a table when her phone starts to glitch.

Her phone's screen is overtaken by static, like old TVs would sometimes get if the antenna was off. It starts to form the words 'YOU ARE NOT ALONE' on repeat.

Feeling a little alarmed Roxanne's eyes dart around the cafe and sees that it's not just her phone doing this and everyone seems to be equally nervous.

The words stop appearing on the screen and a figure begins speaking. Roxanne feels dread and chills as she listens to this alien speak.

He claims to be a general named Zod who is looking for someone on earth who is like them and to hand them over. 'Wow,' Roxanne thinks, 'I wouldn't want to be this guy right now.'

Her hand barely shakes as she finishes the rest of her latte. But the message isn't over yet apparently.

Because as an afterthought, Zod states, "if you don't surrender to me, Roxanne Shelby, as well, you all will regret it."

Roxanne immediately freezes, she's in a state of shock and looks paranoidly around the coffee shop. Steeling herself, she stiffly stands up from her table and calmly walks out.

Roxanne starts to briskly walk home while trying to figure out her options.

As she turns on the street to her apartment building, her phone starts to buzz in her hand. Quickly facing the screen towards her she can see Clark's name as the caller.

Without pause, the archaeologist clicks the green button and holds the phone up to her ear while still walking to her apartment.

The way she is walking right now, she could give mom walkers a run for their money. Roxanne snorts out loud at her thoughts.

But before she could speak into her phone, multiple black Escalades screech to a halt in front of her.

She freezes in terror and can faintly hear Clark's panicked voice on the other end calling her name.

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