Digging For Answers, Not Love - Chap 3 part 1
Digging For Answers, Not Love - Chap 3 part 1 superman stories

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Roxanne's red-bottomed heels clack against the concrete sidewalk as she struts towards the Daily Planet. She dressed for battle this morning and does not intend to lose. As she enters the skyscraper's lobby, people stop and stare after the power walking female.

Digging For Answers, Not Love - Chap 3 part 1

Roxanne's red-bottomed heels clack against the concrete sidewalk as she struts towards the Daily Planet. She dressed for battle this morning and does not intend to lose.

As she enters the skyscraper's lobby, people stop and stare after the power walking female.

Roxanne paid them no mind as she presses the elevator button, impatiently tapping her foot against the marble flooring.

She hears a ding and slowly gets on the elevator, alone. As the doors are about to shut a brown shoe forces them back open.

Roxanne sees a man around her age jump in the elevator juggling multiple cartons full of coffee. Deciding to take pity on the clearly stressed-out man, she takes one of the trays from his hands.

Smiling she says, "Since we're going to the same place, I think I can help you out." The man runs his now free hand through his blond hair and finally makes eye contact with Roxanne.

She can hear his slight gasp at her appearance and smirks. But, his eyes hold recognition as he asks, "Do we know each other? You seem very familiar."

Roxanne's nerves raise a little thinking he recognizes her as the kid who was mutilated by her mother. The story was plastered all over the news for weeks after the incident.

But, the man snaps his fingers. "You're Roxanne Shelby! It's me...Brian Anderson!" Roxanne sighs in relief and smiles even wider.

"Oh my God! How many years has it been? How are you?" she exclaims. He bashfully shrugs under her attention and says, "Haven't seen you since we were in the 7th grade.

And I've been better as you can tell."

The doors to the elevator open on their floor just as they begin laughing at his current predicament.

All of the other workers turn towards the loud noise curiously but eventually go back to work. All except one secret superhero. His eyes follow her as she enthusiastically talks to the new guy.

Clark stiffens as she puts a hand casually on the man's arm. He is confused when he feels jealousy swirl in him. He barely even knows the archaeologist.

Clark watches Roxanne head towards Perry's office. She struts in without a care in the world and boldly sits down.

He can see Perry about to yell at whoever decided to enter his office unannounced. But, as he looks up, Clark sees his expression shift into joy and a smile stretch across his face.

As Clark was studying Perry and Roxanne's encounter, Lois stumbles into her desk area and clumsily puts her things away.

Usually, Clark would have made an attempt to get Lois' attention but strangely he had no desire to even start a conversation with the redhead.

Before he can think further on this sudden change, he hears Perry yell out, "Lane get your butt in here!"

Lois practically runs into the office to shake Roxanne's hand and he assumes, introduces herself.

The more this situation plays itself out, the more curious Clark becomes with Roxanne and who she is.

Meanwhile, Roxanne is catching up with her godfather after not seeing him for a couple of months.

She is at ease in his presence as they reminisce about her high school and college years in which he helped in watching out for her.

Roxanne smiles slyly as her godfather starts to complain about his workers. "They just don't make reporters like they used to. Back in my day, you had to dig through dirt to even find a lead.

And now, they sit at their desks and google everything!" he huffs out in exasperation. Roxanne immediately starts to die laughing after his rant and wipes tears from her eyes.

"They all can't be that bad, Uncle Perry," she says sympathetically. Perry just grumbles lowly in response and yells for a 'Lane' to come into his office.

A red-headed woman quickly shuffles in with a devious and eager look in her eyes. She holds out a hand and says, "Hi, I am Lois Lane. The reporter looking to write your story."

Roxanne gracefully takes the reporters hand and firmly shakes it, startling the fragile woman.

She leans back in her chair and playfully states, "Well, I can't have just any reporter writing about my life. Tell me about yourself."

Lois expertly lists off all of her awards and achievements since college, and Roxanne's smile smoothes out into a thin line.

As Lois waits for her response, holding her breath in anticipation, Roxanne shares a knowing look with Perry.

"While your portfolio is impressive Ms. Lane. It isn't exactly what I am looking for." she gently tells the ambitious reporter.

Lois' face falls into a placid smile but, Roxanne can see the burning flames in her eyes.

"I understand, and I hope you find someone who can write your story," Lois says with a subtle but biting tone.

Roxanne tightly smiles at her and she storms out of the room looking downright murderous.

Perry thinks for a moment trying to figure out who could best write about his goddaughter's life, not an easy role to fill. He suddenly shouts out, "Kent, front and center!"

Clark stumbles out of his seat and walks to Perry's office as commanded.

Passing by a fuming Lois he attempts to meet her eyes but she keeps them ahead, ignoring him in favor of nursing her torn pride.

Clark politely knocks on the glass door and Perry raises an eyebrow and sighs in annoyance. "Kent! You don't need to knock the door is glass." Perry deadpans while rolling his eyes.

Roxanne giggles lightly and Clark's ears start to burn red from embarrassment. "Your new assignment is to write an exclusive interview piece on Dr. Shelby's life and achievements.

You two have already met each other so it should be a good match." Clark is stunned. Usually, all of the high profile interviews land in Lois' hands.

He starts to stammer, "Sir while I am honored, are you sure I am qualified? I mean there are plenty..." Perry, sensing his employee's inner doubt, asks Roxanne to refill his coffee.

She gives a sly smile at his request and exits the room intending to give the two a chance to talk.

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