Scarce to Be Counted
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macryano 17 | perpetually confused | doodler
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Drawn from the lyrics of "Stars" from Les Miserables

Scarce to Be Counted

I used to believe my future was in the stars.

Not in a spiritual way: I had a strong love for astronomy and wanted to be an astronaut when I was little.

That quickly changed.

I realized that I had a fear of the ocean after a trip to the aquarium. I had heard that astronauts trained in the sea, and big fish scared me.

Their bulging eyes stared at you constantly.

I have never seen a fish blink. There's something about that gaze that makes you feel tiny, small, insignificant.

Almost as if you're incapable of being remotely like them.

And thank god I never will.

So, I turned back to the stars years later.

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to become. I had jumped from architect to teacher to anatomical illustrator

until I finally turned my eyes back to the heavens.

There was something about them that never ceased to enchant me.

They know their place.

There is a comforting sense of permanence to them. They hold fast to their course and their aim, never swaying, as far as we can tell.

I wanted to be an astrophysicist.

I could come to understand how and why they work. The main inspiration in my life: I could finally unlock the secrets to their greatness. Their silent sureness.

Their consistency. Their


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