REVERIE (part 02)

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Part 02 of REVERIE. You finally have company~

REVERIE (part 02)



You're sleeping again. Didn't I tell you to stay awake? Wasn't that like, rule 5 or something? >wake up >continue sleeping


You feel like you're falling. No, not falling,,,hurling through space. This can't be good. >observe surroundings >go back to sleep >where'd that pen go?


Hurling through space is an accurate description: that's exactly what's happening. It's more colorful than you'd imagined it would be. >seriously, where's that pen? >I want to sleep!


It's still in your hand. There's nothing coming out of it now, but then again, it's closed. Why are you so concerned about the pen? >click the pen >say, "hello" >fall asleep


You decide that clicking the pen again is a bad idea, so you decide to call out: "Hello?" you ask. There is no response. You tried this before, did it work? No. >go to sleep >click the pen


You finally decide that there's nothing else to do, and this pen is sitting in your hand begging to be clicked. You click the pen. You're falling fast now. >panic >where am I going?


That thing looks hard. Will this hurt? How are you still breathing if you're flying through space? Something flies past you. >catch the thing >let it fall: see where it goes


It's a notebook. You have an open pen and a notebook. Maybe you should write something in it. A memoir? No, that's useless. >write, "pod" >release the book and pen


Nice thinking. A pod appears around you, and you are no longer plummeting toward whatever that hard surface was. You can't steer a pod, though. It's on autopilot. >go back to sleep >write


Write what? "There's no place like home?" That won't work here. >"return." A pod's got to have a parent ship, right? >"bed." You're stressed and tired


You feel a jolt as the pod starts to navigate back to some place. >wait >sleep


The pod finally arrives at a large, white craft. There is no sign of life on it. I take that back; the pod opens and you are greeted by a figure. >observe figure >pass out


The person (I guess you could call it that) is clad in a black unitard, contrasting with their surroundings. They are wearing a matching, full-face mask. >say, "hello?" >scream


It worked this time. Wow. The figure raises its right hand in acknowledgement of your greeting though it says nothing. It grabs your forearm and begins walking. >stranger danger! >follow


You do not hesitate in ripping your arm from their grip. "Who are you?" you demand. "That is of no importance," they reply. This angers you. >punch them in the gut >reach for the mask


Some invisible force grips your hand and pushes it away. What's their problem? The figure takes out something not unlike a syringe and advances toward you. You are unable to move. >panic

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@bernardtwindwil thanks! I started making an interactive version of this story, too.

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The saga continues. It is original and creative. Great post!!!!!!