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a message from you best friend whom you'd forgotten somehow

Remember me

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((Hey, Yyy! We haven't talked in ages! How've you been? ^_^ I'm back in town now. Wanna grab a coffee with me this weekend?))

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Something about this message is familiar, but you're not sure. You decide to respond: --Sorry, I don't recognize your number. I got a new phone a couple years ago. Who is this?--

The reply is almost immediate:

((Ah Sorry. This is Xxx. Your best friend for like, all of your childhood? Don't tell me you've forgotten me, Yyy!))

...You had a best friend named Xxx?

Why don't you remember this?

>>add to contacts Name: Xxx

Seriously though, why don't you remember anything from before high school?

But then you remember.

Or rather, remember why you can't remember. You had an accident your freshman year. You were diagnosed with amnesia and had never been able to remember your childhood.

Maybe Xxx could be a way to reconnect with yourself?

You decide to take the offer of coffee: --Oh hey, Xxx! Coffee on Saturday would be great. 10 o'clock at Z St? Can't wait to see you! We've got a lot of catching up to do--

Catching up on 13 years of childhood...

Xxx responds: ((awesome! sounds good. see you there!))

You arrive at the coffee shop at exactly 10AM on Saturday.

Now, who was it you were looking for? Oh right, Xxx. You remember you have no idea what your friend looks like.

You glance around the shop.

You see someone sitting at a table near the window staring at the doorway you had just walked through. Could this be Xxx?

"Yyy?" the person asks, now looking at you.

You nod, confirming that Yyy is indeed your name. "Come over here!" Your friend motions you over to the table and gives you the tightest hug you'd had in a long time.

"I-I-I can't believe you're back," you stutter.

"I know, right? I never wanted to move, but I didn't exactly have a say in the matter," Xxx acknowledged, smiling sheepishly. You still have no idea who the heck this is.

"I should probably tell you this now rather than later, but

I had a accident right after you left." You look down at your gloved hands and bite your lip. "I guess I was a reckless biker when I was 13, and I got into a collision with a car..."

Neither of you spoke for a total of 10 seconds.

"So...?" Xxx wondered. "I was diagnosed with amnesia," you admit. "I don't really remember you. I'm sorry."

You expected Xxx to leave but instead are met with a smile.

"Well, what sort of friend would I be to let you forget the best years of your life?" Xxx asked, rhetorically.

The two of you proceeded to talk until the shop closed.

Xxx told you all about your childhood adventures, and you listened with growing interest. You were grateful to have such a wonderful friend (and proud of your younger self for picking Xxx).

You could feel it all coming back.

And it felt absolutely amazing.

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