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There is nothing more intimidating than a blank piece of paper.


There is nothing more intimidating

than a blank piece of paper. And the pen sitting next to it? Even more so. Looking at the pad, you think to yourself that there's an infinite number of things these can become...

1) an airplane

As a kid, you obsessively folded paper airplanes. You loved to write down your hopes and dreams on the construction paper, fold it, toss them from the center of a large field, and watch.

You wanted to see just how far they would go--your dreams, that is. This was your way to test said dreams.

2) cranes

You had heard once that, if one was to fold a thousand paper cranes, one's greatest wish would be granted.

3) a story

You always liked the thought of bringing a character to life. Books had always been your escape from the stress of everyday life. Perhaps you could create one yourself?

4) a doodle

Or a drawing. You're not sure which, yet. You had a weird tendency to take out your anger on your poor characters. But what if you drew something...I don't know...cute? Just for a change.

But here you are, staring at the paper and pen.

You've done nothing so far. You're too worried about ruining the perfectly good sheet of paper. Your recycling bin was already full and collection isn't for another five days.

You don't want that tree to go to waste.

Of course you don't. You regret how careless you were with your ink the past few days.

But then it comes to you.

You quickly sketch a couple of children fishing in a pond, jot down a short poem about the simple joys of life, and write "I want you to be happy" in big letters at the bottom.

Then, you fold the paper, careful not to smudge the ink.

You draw the outline of a paper crane on the wing of the plane, and you toss the paper out the window.

I found it two days later, judging by the date you wrote.

And then I repeated your work, gave it my own little touch, and then took it to the tallest building in town. I threw that little plane as far as I could.

Maybe, just maybe, it'll reach someone,

and brighten their day as yours did for me.

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