Little Things to be Grateful For
Little Things to be Grateful For grateful stories

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Thank you for being such a wonderful community, Commaful. I look forward to 2017 with you!

Little Things to be Grateful For

As 2016 comes to an end,

and we are waiting anxiously to see if the new year will be better,

and we reminisce about the curses this year has brought,

there may still be a few things to be grateful for.

1) You are literate.

The fact that you can read this proves that, somewhere along the line, you received an education (even if it was informal).

2) You have access to the Internet.

You are part of the 40% of the world that is connected. In 1995, only 1% of people were, so we've come a long way. You're pretty lucky.

3) You're alive.

At the end of a year during which everyone was at each others' necks (sometimes quite literally), it is a great accomplishment to still be alive. Congratulations.

And 4) You've found one of the most welcoming writing sites.

I'd browsed around for many writing communities online, but most of them seemed too impersonal and competitive. I was about to give up on posting my writing when I stumbled upon Commaful.

This community has been so kind to me as a beginning writer.

Thank you to the readers, writers, and creators of Commaful. I love reading what you create here; you're all very creative, gifted writers. I look forward to starting 2017 with you all.

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