The Magician
The Magician free verse stories

macraycray Community member
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Library daydreams.

The Magician

I'm lost in study, books surrounding me

I take a moment to stretch; my neck locked into place

Rolling my head, I catch a glimpse of you across the room

Your curls sprawl across your fore head

Eyes so focused, you don't even notice me

I begin to wonder what would happen if I were to come talk to you

We would joke about our assignments

I would slowly become comfortable and ask you out

We would ice skate and create our first memory

Our first of many to come

Maybe next we would grab a hot chocolate to warm us up

Wander into the book store next door and share our favorite stories

But then I'm brought back to reality

As you leave the library, you pass me, not noticing me

My head begins to spin; my spirits let down

That is when I realized I created something out of nothing

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