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Infatuation is all fun and games until...


Thunder echoes throughout the valley

drops of rain begin to flutter to dry ground

the first rainstorm since summer began

mothers call for their children to come inside

sprinkles of water tease the children as they return

the trees rustle as droplets glide through the leaves

flowers perk up, parched from the seemingly endless summer

birds and rabbits rush to their nests for protection

children watch in awe as the rain recreates the world

drops of water hit the window distorting their once clear view

creating a dazzling spectacle of the outside world

newly formed puddles beckon the children to come outside

the children beg to be released so that they can play

and splash each other

and experience this new, unfamiliar world

eagerly children dress themselves in mismatched rain boots and raincoats

little adventurers rush out, keen on learning the secrets of this new wonder

water tickles their cheeks as they stand out in the open

cool crisp air causes their skin to tingle

mothers lovingly watch their children’s brilliant red boots collide with puddles

with excitement as their bright yellow raincoats flap in the wind

with laughter as the children dance through the storm

yet also with worry as the rain pours down harder, faster

with concern when the rain begins to sting the cheeks it once caressed

with pity because the cold no longer tingles the skin, but shakes the bones

with sorrow as everything that was once perplexing now drive the children home

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