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       CHAPTER ONE: something 
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Albert is unaware of what's about to come at hand. it's as if things have never changed. a beginning that never ended.


It was the 5th of April, 1976, in a neighborhood called Arniston. At this time of the year, there was nothing much to do except have fun.

Everyone has finished school and most people tend to visit their relatives quite often to catch up on lost time. everybody tends to go out more this time around.

You could easily hear their laughter from outside.

"Al, come one! You're gonna miss the fireworks!" said Nicole, a 17-year-old girl yelled at her younger friend. She was quite the adventurous girl.

One time she managed to climb a tree in order to fix up her tree house all alone! Some people call her 'squirrel' because she was so good at climbing. She takes pride in that.

Most girls don't like her simply because she get's more attention than them. Although she doesn't seek attention, it's just her true nature.

Let's just say she's a girl with lots of glow that just drags unwanted scrutiny.

"Coming! Just give me a few seconds, would ya!" Albert, a 16-year-old Boy, who is quite unusually close to her, but not the same way as other guys who are close to girls would be.

they have a very strong brotherly bond that blossomed over the years. He usually is quite shy and doesn't really fit well with other people.

Some guys at school would sometimes bully him for being so solitary and quiet. That was his nature anyhow so the bullying didn't change him.

In fact, it made him more confident about himself, seeing how others are unlike him. Nicole has been his friend ever since they were kids. She was everything he could ask for.

She was more than just his close friend, she was his sister that he never had.

He and she were so close that almost at every gathering that happens, they would be seen around each other or just sitting somewhere where they can be themselves,

talking about their everyday life issues.

"Ok, ok, what I miss?!" said Albert with a happy grin on his face.

"you just got to the good part," she answered, her face not leaving the sky's view.

It was 8:37 pm. both of them were in their town's central garden.

Albert stood beside her as they both watched the fireworks fire off, igniting tons of colorful flares, making both of them smile at that sight.

There wasn't any special event happening that day, but Sometimes some of the neighbors like to start off some kind of an unusual way of having fun. That included fireworks to add some extra joy.

These fireworks must be coming from a family who's having a party, maybe. Perhaps it's one of their children's birthday.

Nobody could guess what the event was, except look at it, hold on to their dear ones and smile.

"I always feel happy when I see fireworks," said Nicole, her face staring up at the sky as the fireworks were blasting and her smile was as wide as ever.

She slightly turned her face to look at Albert rubbing his eyes, ever so usually, "Hey, you really need to get your left eye checked," she added as she noticed him rubbing his left eye,

looking at him from the side of her eyes. his left eye was becoming red. she indeed was worried about him.

He was somewhat careless about his health, and he Let things heal on their own, most of the time.

"I know, I know. To be honest, it doesn't bother me that much.

If it makes you feel any better, I'll see a doctor!" said Albert in protest while scratching the front of his head, joking to his friend's worrisome approach.

She looked at him with one eyebrow raised in disbelief to his simplicity.

"well, that makes me the happiest girl in the world," said Nicole as her eyes tinted as if she was highly bored and annoyed,

"Every time you go home you keep yourself concerned about that stupid window in your room.

I don't Even know why you're so scared of it! You don't even sleep in your room anymore!" she proceeded on with her point of view, slightly shaking her head as she spoke.

"silly? I'm pretty sure calling my entire room deadly, is an understatement.

I'm Telling you, that window is definitely up to something!" he complained as he went to sit on the garden's wooden bench next to them.

"I can hear it cracking at night like it's ready to break apart," he continued, as he placed his right leg on his left one and crossed his arms.

"up to something? Albert, You talk like that window is an actual person.

Are you sure you're ok? You don't even look like you've had much sleep," said Nicole as she slowly walked up to him, standing in front of him.

She cares a lot for him and she always tries to take his mind off of the unbearable environment his house hosts. She usually calls him Al but when she says his full name, he knows she is serious.

"Don't worry about me.

I'm fine, really!

" said Albert, trying his best to tone down her overly concerned self,

giving her a smile as he turned his face to look at the fireworks that were lighting up the sky and the sounds of the fireworks cracking made it even better to listen to.

He knows she is being serious, and he doesn't like it when she does that. She takes things far too much and starts making assumptions.

That's why most of the time he doesn't really tell her about his room and that window.

He only told her one time and after that, it made him regret spilling out everything he had in his heart to her.

She'd keep mentioning it, without forgetting a single detail about it, Like it was her own actual problem, and not his!

"Alright, fine! Do as you wish!" said Nicole in annoyance, shaking her head left and right in disagreement.

She sat next to him and leaned on his shoulder, trying her best to spend this lovely time with one of the closest people to her heart.

The fireworks had stopped a few moments later, and bursts of chilly wind started hitting them. Nicole's body slightly spasmed involuntarily in response to the beating of the wind.

"we should go home," said Albert as he noticed Nicole's shivering body and the night falling down on them surprisingly fast.

"I definitely agree," she instantly replied to him, rubbing the top of her arms with her hands as she stood up and hugged his right arm, both of them taking off to head out of the garden.

Nobody wished to stay late outside. Not even if their town was the safest one out there.

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