THE OTHER SIDE 


                  CHAPTER TWO:
             WHERE IT ALL GOES


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Being home alone is nice, but only when you're feeling safe.


Weeks passed by and Albert has Never got news from Nicole. She usually would update him on what happens in her life. He started to get a bit worried.

Some people might find it weird, but they are so close to each other to the point where every two days, if not every day, they must call and check on one another.

He was home alone, only the tea keeping him company. There wasn't much to do really. It was a Friday evening, 5:45 pm.

He never liked high school that much so he was always happy when he was home. Add to that, high school was almost over only a few weeks left until their summer holiday starts.

He rejected that thought for some reason. Maybe it was because of the fact that he will be staying home all day, and his parents won't be around as much. Him *and* that room.

He was standing in the kitchen staring at the street and trees, as if he'd never seen the outside world, letting out a frustrated sigh,"I hate to say it, but I don't Want school to end,

" said Albert to himself while looking through their kitchen's window. He made himself a nice, hot cup of tea to keep himself occupied and it usually gets him thinking about life in general.

"Hope you're ok, Nicole," he said to himself once more as he took another sip of tea.

"I Wonder how Alex is doing. Haven't heard from him ever since last week," said Albert. In curiosity. now tea really does get him to remember everyone in his life.

Even the people he met when he was a kid. Alex is his childhood friend ever since they were 6 years old. they used to always hang out in school, and even outside of school.

They would either ride a bike and go to the river near the neighborhood, throwing pebbles and trying to catch fish, but they rarely do the fishing thing. Albert's life wasn't much to talk about.


Albert jumped a little, causing some tea to spill out of the cup, onto his fingers that are holding the cup.

"ouch!" He let out a hiss of pain in response to that hot tea spilling on his fingers.

Whispers were audible from where he was standing; in fact, he thought it was someone calling to him from their hall. Their house wasn't that big, unlike other houses in his area.

he made his way to the living room to check where the sound was coming from. He stood in the center of the hall, and he put his hands on his waist, utterly confused.

He looked at the phone, and for some reason, he wanted to pick it up as if someone was calling him. He sat on the couch near the phone, he picked it up out of sheer interest.

His weird and complex self, demands him to do many things people tend to understand as 'unusual'.

If he stands and taps one foot on the floor, he has to tap the other foot in order to make it even.


Once again, he heard those whispers while he was on the phone. His eagerness to seek out the phone went away so he put it back. He stood up and went to check the bathroom.

He noticed a slight bit of steam was visible in it, but he couldn't tell why though. The lights were on as well. They always have the lights turned off.

Only when the bathroom is in use, the lights are on. He sensed something off in his surroundings. Like eyes were watching him. He quickly closed the lights and closed the door straight after.

Now the whispers started to fade. Although he could still hear them. He could hear muffled sounds if he cupped his ears. He walked back to the kitchen, trying to ignore all of what he had heard.

He took his cup of tea and took another sip as it soothed his head in the process. He's probably the only guy who likes tea among all his friends.

He prefers dark tea most of the time, but his friends find it unbearable how he's capable of drinking so much tea.

'scratch, scratch, scratch'.

He took the cup away from his mouth, and his eyes opened wide as soon as he heard that sound as he was staring at nothing, out of sheer amusement and confusion.

Was he going mental now? He put the cup down and went to the hall yet again to find it completely empty.

He was so sure he heard scratching sounds as if someone was scraping something off of a wooden surface.

His heart dropped as soon as he thought of one crazy idea of where those sounds might be coming from. He went to the basement and stood in front of the door, his hands shaking a little.

He slowly reached out for the handle, his hands going back and forth in hesitation. He thought this would be his end.

He heard many stories of things coming out of people's basements, and his basement is no exception. Their basement was dim lighted and it only had a few things placed in there.

One of those things they keep was his grandpa's things. Perhaps his grandpa's ghost will start to haunt. He took his hand away from the handle in fear of whatever he may be thinking of is true.

He shook his head, thinking these things are silly, and he quickly reached out for the handle and opened the basement's door.

A flying roach suddenly came out of the pitch black view of the basement and was so close to land on him. He gasped and ducked in fright, squirming away from the basement.

"AHH!" he grunted in disgust. He went to the hall again and started padding himself off as if his clothes were all dusty.

He started having goosebumps and his shoulders started squirming and retracting without his command. He felt as if that roach was on him. He hates insects, especially roaches.

He simply believes the world would be better off without them. His head started throbbing in pain from the sudden movements he had just pulled off.

He quickly went to close the door of the basement, noticing that the bug was nowhere to be seen. He jogged back to the hall and threw himself on the couch.

He let out a big sigh of exhaustion and frustration.

"Ok calm down, Albert. You're just being a little paranoid," he said to himself while closing his eyes. He took a deep breath and exhaled like nothing happened.

He forgot to go to the bathroom to pee, and his bladder was going to explode, thanks to these ongoing events. he thought he's never going to pee in peace.

He hurriedly went to pee and stayed there for awhile, feeling a big relief after letting go, and the bathroom helps him clear his thoughts sometimes.

"Maybe I should call Alex," he said to himself as he finished his business and washed his hands. He went back to the living room but this time he forgot something. Something big. The sounds.

Are they gone now? He cupped his ears in curiosity to be greeted with sounds that were coming from simply nothing. No whispers were audible, and no scratching was being heard.

he felt incredibly uneasy now. He felt a serious need to call someone. It's either get out of the house and sleep on the streets or go walking to Alex's place.

Screw his house for all he cared! He stood there not knowing what to do.

What if he starts hearing things again? What if this time it gets even more intense? All kinds of assumptions started to creep into his mind like a waterfall. He needed to sit down.

What if it goes dark and he can't go out anymore? He shook his head and exhaled, trying to relax his tense body and mind.

Could that room be causing this? Is it possible? Perrish the thought! That made fear surround him even more easily. What's he supposed to do now?

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