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sometimes it's better to be a dreamer than a realist.


Birds were chirping outside and the sun's lovely halo was radiating throughout the whole house. No wind, no rain, and no thunder.

It was quite a lovely Saturday morning, and what is better than hearing the sounds of nature outside waking up to its daily grind to achieve their to-do list.

Albert was lying on the couch just staring at the ceiling. He had slept so deeply, that when he woke up he almost forgot about what happened last night.

He turned his head to look at the other couch and saw the back of someone covered in a blanket, only the hair was visible. His eyes squinted a little bit, trying to focus on who it was.

Scratching his head he remembered it was his friend, Alex who was so gracious enough to stay the night with him. Funnily, he seemed to be sleeping in a strange position.

His right hand stretching outward from beneath him behind his back, and both his left hand and left foot were on top of the couch’s head. Albert quietly chuckled a little at that sight.

He never had such loyal friends, who would stand up with you no matter what.

Just at that moment, he realized how valuable friends were, and he would do his best to keep his ties with them stronger than ever.

He took a deep breath and turned his head again to the ceiling to just simply stare at it while hearing nature's beautiful sirens, chimes, and people's laughter.

He can already smell the beautiful, flourishing Aroma of the flowers that were drenched in rain. It's quite amazing how something so depressing and cold can turn into something very beautiful.

That made him wonder in amazement to how nature works far from everybody's understanding.

Maybe he should learn to appreciate things more, overlooking the bad in them and just look at them from the bright side.

He closed his eyes, trying to take in the quiet moment he is enjoying ever so blissfully until he felt his friend moving from his slumber.

He propped his eyes open and glanced at him from the side of his eyes. His friend took a deep yawn and stretched his arms and legs as far as possible.

The only thing that was filling the room's ambiance was an ever so sweet silence.

"Hey," said Alex said in a low, hoarse morning tone and squinted eyes because of the sun's light.

"Hey," said Albert, turning himself to his right side, putting his head on the couch's soft arm. Both of them looked as if they hibernated. Bags under their eyes and their hair was frazzled.

They seemed to not care for the awkward silence as they both laid down on their backs, closing their eyes and Albert taking a deep breath and exhaling in an attempt to relax all his muscles,

putting his hands under his head. He opened his eyes as thoughts came rushing to his mind. Thoughts about last night.

What was it again? Should he even call it an 'it' anymore? How was he supposed to deal with all of this? If he tells his parents, will that help the situation or make it even worse?

What happened last night wasn't something that should be avoided or forgotten about. It was something serious that may cause harm later on.

was that thing even real? was it a ghost? An evil spirit? What on earth could it be?

He took a deep breath as he began to analyze the scene that happened to him and his friend, who seemed to have gone back to sleep again. Alex sure does like sleeping a lot.

was that shadow thing connected to him? Or the house? Or the previous owners? He felt that he was missing something. Something big.

He has read some old folklore stories about mythical shadow creatures from all around the world, spanning from the middle east to Europe. He was quite interested in ancient history.

Egypt's, Babylon's and greek's history to say the least. but, they're supposed to be mythical, or so he believed.

Plus, he knows that those shadow creatures don't just emerge out of nowhere for no good reason. They have to be connected to some artifact, a stone, even a small piece of wood would suffice.

They need something that can connect them to the outside world so that they would be able to interact with their surroundings. basically, a host.

"Hmm," he mused in consideration to all prospects.

the shadow seemed to always emerge from that window, which meant two things: either the window is its host or something else in the house was giving it free will, but not enough so it seemed.

seeing how it showed up for a short period of time, then vanished, something must be blocking it from going full-on disastrous.

most shadow creatures Albert read about we're always harmful and were never ones to negotiate with. His shoulders slightly jumped up as he heard someone was knocking on their door.

He looked at the clock. 11:00 am. He's not familiar with anyone who would show up at this time of the day, especially when it's Saturday. Even his parent's co-workers never show up on Saturdays.

He lifted himself up, sitting up on the couch, placing his feet on the cold wooden floor, making it creak. His bones seemed to be aching from yesterday's big event.

His back, his neck, and his thighs seemed to be sore and they were giving out shocks of pain all together at the same time.

"Ouch," he whispered in agony as he rubbed his neck with his left hand trying to ease the pain that seemed to come and go on its own.

the knocking at the door started to become faster and more violent.

"Yeah, yeah," said Albert out loud to whoever was hammering so roughly in such a captivating morning. He stood up and stumbled to the door, walking a little sluggish from being so sore.

He opened the door just when the person there was about to give more knocks, making the visitor seem a little surprised. He was caught off guard, standing in shock.

"hi..." said Nicole in a whisper. her hands were intertwined together awkwardly in front of her belly. Her hair was messy. it was cold and she was not even wearing a jacket.

"Nicole! Hi!" said Albert in a surprised tone, opening his arms to give her a friendly hug. He hasn't seen her in quite some time.

He had so many things to tell her and so many questions to ask her as well. They really needed to make up for lost time.

"can I come in?" said Nicole, her voice shivering as she started shaking in reaction to the cold wind hitting her. She really should have brought a jacket with her.

"s...sure!" said Albert as he stepped aside and opened the door a little bit wider, giving her a warm welcome that she may come inside. He sensed sadness radiating from her.

he knew something was up. Not to mention that when she usually visits she lets herself in before he even says hi.

Just by looking at her and how weird she was acting, he can tell something was off. She came inside and went swiftly to the kitchen as if she was being chased down.

Her strange behavior didn't go by unnoticed. He closed the door behind him and took a glance at the hall to see that Alex is still asleep. Good. They can talk more privately.

He stumbled to the kitchen and saw her sitting on the small, wooden kitchen table that Albert and his parents usually eat on.

Her right hand was on the table, her forehead resting on it, and her left hand was laying flat on her lap. she was a mess.

"can I get you anything? Water? Juice? I can make tea if you want," said Albert kindly, trying to comfort her so that she can speak up whatever she had on her mind that was bothering her.

He didn’t want to pressure her. that might upset her. She may not want to talk about it, so he was taking it slow and steady.

"just water, please," said Nicole, painting a really faint smile on her face, But he could clearly see the truth behind the curtains.

her voice was throaty, and she seemed a little out of breath. Did she run all the way here? He can't tell, but running all the way down here is a death sentence.

His house was at least 10 blocks away from her’s. he was worried that she may have been chased.

The thought of that made him remember the shadow from his room, causing his tummy to twirl in ache a little bit.

"Alright," said Albert, sighing as he went to the fridge to grab a nice, not too cold, But not too warm bottle of water so she could quench her thirst.

He sat on the chair next to her and handed her the bottle.

She took it a little violently, opening the cap quickly, and she drank all of the water in a single gulp, releasing an exhale of satisfaction at the end.

He looked at her silently, his eyes were confused, and his jaw was a bit open. he was speechless.

What on earth was going on with her? She put the bottle on the table and stared at it, inhaling deeply as her fingers lightly started tapping the table’s wooden surface.

A very awkward silence had declared itself between them, and he needed to start off some sort of a conversation.

He hasn't spoken to her in more than a month, so he was not really sure how to even start.

"o...okay," said Albert, utterly weirded out as he was trying to break the silent ambiance that seemed to be so evident, that if you drop a needle you could hear it hitting the floor.

He opened his mouth to give himself a head start so they could start discussing things.

"Don't. please, just don't," said Nicole, cutting him off as he closed his mouth shut in surprise.

"Nicole. You don't look well. What's going on?" said Albert. his tone was becoming more concerned. He couldn't just sit here and simply ignore her current broken state. she looked destroyed.

She was always free-spirited, excited, and a happy human being. When she isn't herself, he could instantly tell.

"Ok, look, if you don't want to talk about it, that's fine. Take your time! no pressure. You look like you've been through hell. there's the couch right there.

Make yourself at home," said Albert, disappointed at his failed attempt to get her to talk.

She did look like she's been through a lot but she's his best friend, and seeing her this way made him feel worse than ever.

He got up to head to the bathroom, and just when he was about to leave the kitchen she spoke up.

"It's my mom, Albert,"

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