CHAPTER 11:  AN UNBORN TRUTH PART III (final) scary stories

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this is my final chapter :) i hope you guys enjoyed it this as much as i did writing it. tell me what you think about it and give me your feedback and what should i work on :) i would appreciate that very much.


"Mom!" yelled Nicole, calling out to see if her mother was even in the house. they went upstairs to search for her, and still all to no avail.

she searched Debra's room and her own room, and they were all deserted of Debra's existence.

"I don't think she's here, Nicole," said Albert, his hands reaching to his neck, rubbing them in embarrassment.

"Damn it!" said Nicole in anger. she's had her full of problems with Debra, and she wants to solve all of them right here, and right now.

a door closing was heard throughout the entire house, and both of them looked at each other in surprise.

"That must be her. we almost never get any visitors, except for her therapist who comes every 5 months," said Nicole, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"let's go down," said Albert, feeling rather concerned about this whole mess.

he likes the idea of Nicole and her mom fixing their problems, but he also worries that Debra might be connected to his own problem.

they slowly headed out of the room and went downstairs to be greeted with a left on the floor, black purse.

"That's her's. she never leaves without it," said Nicole as she silently walked to the kitchen, ignoring the purse. Albert following her along.

speechlessness jolted through them as they entered the kitchen. Debra was standing near the sink, staring at the window ever so calmly.

"Mom?" said Nicole as she slowly walked around the kitchen to stand right behind her. Albert remained standing in his place. he didn't want to take up the space they needed.

"mom! talk to me!" said Nicole, pleading her mom to give some sort of a response.

"this. this was never meant to be," said Debra, her voice scratchy and her tone was lowered, almost scaring both of them.

"Mom, why did you do this to our family! why did you do this to me?!" said Nicole, pointing at herself as sadness and despair were drawn on her face.

Debra turned her face to her right and took a glance at Nicole from the side of her eyes, and let out a very loud laugh. she was totally ignoring Albert.

if anyone would pass by and notice Debra's behavior, they'd instantly guess that the woman was going nuts and that she's lost it.

"MOM!" yelled Nicole in an attempt to draw her attention forcefully.

"I'm NOT your damn mother!" yelled Debra back as she turned around to stand face to face with Nicole. Nicole kept standing there, looking as if she had seen a ghost. her jaw dropped to the floor.

"what?" said Nicole who seemed utterly lost and doesn't know what is what anymore.

" were never my child!" said Debra, making her seem even crazy.

"can't you see? you were adopted," said Debra bitterly, letting those words slip out without even considering how Nicole might react to them.

Nicole felt that if any life force was left in her, it's completely gone now. not only did she try to take care of her fake mother, but she doesn't even have an actual family.

all of that hit her like a plane hitting the clouds. she threw herself on the kitchen table chair, her muscles seem to have given up on her. she seemed as if her mind ceased to function.

She looked down on the floor, her face remaining emotionless. Albert remained still, as shocks of surprise were engulfing him.

He prepared himself to intervene if anything goes wrong between them. Debra doesn't seem to be mentally stable.

"Why..." said Nicole, silently as her eyes started to tear up.

"why? You really wanna know WHY?!" said Debra loudly, swiftly pulling out a paper. The paper had some weird black markings on them.

Albert got an instant Deja-vu that ran through his body, making him run off to Nicole, trying to get up and get a move on.

"I never wanted you, little rat!" said Debra, as the window behind her started turning black, in a circular motion.

"NO!" yelled Albert in reaction to what he was witnessing. The window is bringing him flashbacks of bad memories, making him reach out to cover his head in pain.

Nicole had her eyes widened as she stood up and held Albert close to her. He kept having shocks of pain as he knelt down on his knees, his body going up and down in strain.

"WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? AH!" screamed Nicole, instantly dropping down by a force that seemed way outside of her will. Her face squirming in pain.

Debra laughed in response, not caring for both of them. A shroud started to appear outside of the window, and a black hand started to come out as if it was trying to get out.

A hiss was heard throughout the entire room, which made both of them fidget in fright. A sudden scream was heard as the black shadow started to speak, "AAAALLLBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERT!!"

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