Worn out
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macask Sometimes I write well sometimes I don't
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if my life were trousers

Worn out

Her life was like a worn out pair of jeans; Consistent, comfortable but in desperate need of change. As the holes grew bigger and the threads gave way, The once blue trousers began to fade.

She would window shop every day, but never go into the store; however as people started to stare and whisper, she isolated herself more and more.

Afraid of change, and whether new trousers would even fit, she resided to the fact that she would never unzip.

Those who loved her offered to mend them, to wash them or buy her something new; but every suggestion was met with a "no thank you".

She knew she needed to change and that she could not live like this, however her trousers were so familiar and she was deathly afraid of risk.

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