When will longing end?

When will longing end? feelimgs stories

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Why I think longing isn a painful emotion

When will longing end?

Longing is an itch, one can never quite scratch, It embodies all you thought you had and all you thought you could be; it already knows what you want and what you'll never catch.

Longing is being attached to someone that for you, will never yearn, it is a fire that engulfs your body, never satisfied, never ceasing to burn.

I am not alone in believeing that longing is agony; I know many who have spent years, longing to one day see; the good in themselves, a reason to live, a purpose on this earth and someone to share it with.

I have longed my entire life to be okay with who I am. I have bargained with every God, Devil and spirit, to show me this life thing isn't a scam.

These days I long for a quick fix, a line of coke or a diazepam. And as every user knows that longing is agony, but when you're desperate and in need, your lust will surpass you and you long for greed.

To long for something, Is to secretly know, That although you may come close longing is nothing but sorrow.

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