When no one wants to party with barbie

When no one wants
 to party with barbie  saviour stories
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macaskSometimes I write well sometimes I don't
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When you go from being a novelty to a burden

When no one wants to party with barbie

When you’re a woman like me, Who men just love to save, You blindly fall for their kindness, Although the out come will never change.

They become infatuated and promise a new world, A world I’ve never had; But when the reality of what they’ve done sinks in, They slowly begin to backtrack.

And I guess I should not be surprised, As if happens time after time, Yet every single betrayal Cuts me very fine.

But if you are cut enough No matter how shallow or small, You begin to need stitches to hold you together, As you’ve become a human rag doll.

And after a while there is no hiding, The damage that has been done; As you walk around a vulnerable doll, Waiting to be saved by someone new.

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