Todays weather forecast:
Todays weather forecast:  liquid stories

macask Sometimes I write well sometimes I don't
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How does the liquid you expert effect others?

Todays weather forecast:

I am like a grey foreboding cloud, I ominously float through life, absorbing the heat and dragging through the pressure, until the weight of it all floods out uncontrollably.

I shrink in size and stature I shrink in confidence, I move to overshadow the sun, so even I cannot see the light after the storm; and then I aggressively shower down my frustration until those below are drenched.

Two whom it may concern, sometimes I've flooded you with love, and others I left you gasping for air; a weather man can try and predict which way I act, and the direction that I go, but not even I know, and that fills us with fear.

Having a mental illness makes you feel like a cloud that must distinguish all this anguish so others can see the sun; we are liquid poison, and we drown you in our pain, and the shower will never stop until every drop is done.

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