To live or to lively
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macask Sometimes I write well sometimes I don't
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The death of safety

To live or to lively

Today the world is lively And most people are not As while we attempt to live a full life Those lively tend to plot.

Today my country lost over 40 citizens Shot in a sacred place of prayer An unprecedented attack, The mass shooting of the year.

Today the world is lively, With racist, sexist and religious hatred; If only these men knew the war Was not created but perpetuated.

How many lives have to be lost Before lively returns to positive context, What will it take the world to concede, And see peace as a future prospect.

I’ve been lively latelY; Actively destroying my own life, It makes me wonder if self destruction is even necessary When my outer world is in equal strife.

The world in all its glory Is no longer a good place It is lively with madness and chaos And depleted of any safe space.

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