The Exhaustive Curse of Being Tired

The Exhaustive Curse of Being             Tired  detox stories
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macask Sometimes I write well sometimes I don't
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My experience of being tired through detox the last 5 days

The Exhaustive Curse of Being Tired

Spent the last five days in detox, Tired of lines, lies and sin; Only to find myself confined to a bed, And pumped full of Valium. Soon I grew tired of this place; Like a pair of headphones It aimed to block out problems, Yet they course through my bones.

Whenever I would wake I would wash down those yellow pills, Eager to get back into the land of nod, Eager to mitigate the chills.

The first thing I did, Today when I left, Was to go drink a beer Sit back, and reflect. I am one of many Who carry a wary soul, And we are always going to be tired And the mundane will always take its toll.

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