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Sex through the eyes of a female


To all the men I’ve ever fucked, absolutely everyone one of you. To the ones I thought I loved and to the ones I endured, you always said I was damn good at what I did. Well now I’m showing you I’m damn good at what I say too.

Yes I like sex, Because it shows that men are weaker than me, As while they non-rhythmically pump, It is only me they see. And as they try their hardest To get the job done, I look at them unsatisfied Knowing I have won.

Because as it all leaves their body, So to does their control, And they look in your eyes that look that only girls know. The look of disgust for being so weak, And giving them their way, That look they’ve given many before, Leaving nothing left to say.

But easy you are not, In fact you are so much more Because whether you’re home from the club Or picked up as a whore; Men are desperate and men need sex, And we do not need Yet we take their tiny ego, And fuck it till it bleeds.

I do not care if they came And even if I did not, As it was I who was the commodity, And it is them who will be forgot

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