Lady of the Night

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What it is like to work

Lady of the Night

I first sold myself at the age of 21, and once I reached my financial target, I swore that id be done. And all the girls working with me laughed sympathetically, once you're in there's no way out, but I assumed there was something different about me.

Four years later I'm still in the industry, wondering if those girls were right or if it's a self fulfilling prophecy. You lose your friends and family, to everyone you meet you lie; you bounce from broke to rich, but of all the things you own, happiness you cannot buy.

You meet all types of people some are too far gone, others know what you're going through, and you form a special bond. I do not even equate sex with feelings or love, I just push my head in the pillow, or dissociate from above.

If I could go back in time and change my choice, I'm not sure if I would; for this is the only life I know and I'm approaching adulthood. To buck the stereotype not all men are gross and nasty, in fact alot of them treat me better than boyfriends have, vastly.

The biggest downfall I have endured, is the introduction to the party world; When you work you take drugs, its a known fact, and although it took two years, I became addicted to rack

I have a degree, once had a normal life, filled with friends and activities; but let me tell you no one is lining up to make a hooker their wife. I hope to get out, I honestly do, but I'm so out of touch with reality, the world scares me more, something I wish I knew.

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