Labour of love
Labour of love  female stories
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How the blue collar just isn’t so bad

Labour of love

So many of us wear a proverbial blue collar; Labouring over our lives, our family and our future, Despite the lack of respect we meet hierarchy with love, And do not allow our spirits to fracture.

When a woman is brithing a child it is called labour When a man is mending the roads it’s called labour; When your mom cooks your soup, that is labour of love, Yet why do those who barely lift a finger, pretend to wear the hardship of labour’s many failures.

Labour sounds so arduous, Like a task for another day; But what labour has taught me Is every physical and emotional cent, I deserve to be paid.

For me my whole life is labour, Mending one crisis to the next, But there’s nothing better than working on yourself And yielding some success.

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