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Is to be glad to be happy?

Glad Wrapped

It took me 24 year to say how I really feel, And yes I am glad I’ve got a platform for which I can reveal.

Am I happy those who read what I say Know my inner secrets and pain? It’s like opening up a barely healed wound, But lately it’s the only thing that keeps me sane.

Life is a burden for me. And I’m not sorry if you can’t relate; In fact I’d say I’m glad someone hears you when you call out, And you look at the word with love not hate.

Sometimes I am genuinely glad That I over dose, Sometimes I wish I took more When I came so close.

And if you are glad for a partner who loves you, And friends and family that care; Who am I to take away your positivity, Just know that what you have is rare.

Often it’s just me and my head And I am not glad to be left alone with that; There’s so much pain to work through, But it’s pretty hard to find someone to give a crap.

At the end of the day I’m glad The universe keeps giving me chances, To turn my life around, get back on track Make those advances. But I’m not better than a cat, And I’m running out of lives; So I’ll be glad if this one counts And I manage to survive.

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