Fallen Angels
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macask Sometimes I write well sometimes I don't
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At what point did I go from being high, To staving off the low.

Fallen Angels

At what point did I go from being high, To staving off the low. I looked up to see nobody around, Except a plate of blow.

“I hate you” I say, As a roll up a note; Knowing it is the only way I’ll ever cope

When party drugs still had their shine, I became a lifetime guest, Yet after the fun, I realised The party was eden, and I had failed the test

And when I’m sober I cringe and cry Knowing what I’ve done, But it doesn’t stop me hoping The next line will be fun

Don’t get me wrong I’ve had some times, I would definitely not take back. It does make me wonder though If my perception was under attack.

Those I’ve met throughout this journey, I believe to be interesting souls, And they are all unfathomably wary Of all life has to hold

Before I joined the club of the fallen I had my own ideas, Believing those addicted were responsible For getting themselves there.

Yet I have met lawyers, Doctors And drop outs alike; Bought here on different paths Only to share the same plight. Each story is different. And each story rings true. And as I listened to them all My empathy grew too.

I’m sorry to say that addiction Simply does not care, Whether you are a CEO Or homeless with no career. So if you see someone struggling Thank god it’s not you, But do not make them feel worse Than they already do.

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