Diazadream, Ben (A love letter)
Diazadream, Ben 
(A love letter)

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macaskSometimes I write well sometimes I don't
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What it’s like to be in love with a drug

Diazadream, Ben (A love letter)

There is a man named Ben, And oh he loves me so, He wraps me up in blankets, He will never let me go.

When I’m feeling down, Just one visit does the trick. He protects me from all my fears, Vanishing them quick. .

But when he’s busy and not around, My fears come back ten fold. Turns out he didn’t kill them, He just kept their attack on hold.

So I become awfully clingy, Always needing him there. Putting him before everything, Afraid he will disappear.

Very soon I realise, I cannot function without him; He’s the love of my life, the patch on my soul He is Valium

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