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If life were a game of musical chairs

Be chairful

Life can be a game of musical chairs; when the music stops you scramble for a seat, and it is the tough that move on while those eliminated are condemned weak.

While it appears everyone is dancing and playing a game, we are all anxiously waiting for the music to stop again.

It always stops when you least expect; when your partner falls out of love or you lose your career, and then you are forced to fight your way to a chair.

Just like any game, the time will come when all the chairs are gone, and you are only left with one.

It is at this time that it is wise to accept defeat; to stop trying to sit, and bow out on your feet.

I suppose if you're sitting down in life, trying to anchor yourself to things, it is easy to forget the freedom of walking.

So next time you find yourself without a chair, remember that losing only counts, to those who really care.

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