Where do you feel most at peace?

Where do you feel most at      peace?  solace stories

macJust a dipshit trying to write stuff
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excerpt from a book i’ll never write
november 26, 2018

Where do you feel most at peace?

There’s a tree near the side of my house that I used to climb a lot.

Recently a branch fell off of it, making it harder to climb but I still go up there to escape whatever I’m feeling.

The tree is nothing poetic or particularly peaceful, I’ve been cut by it, I’ve fallen off of it, I once got stung by a bee in it, but I still climb it to escape.

Not because I enjoy the painful memories surrounding it, but because I enjoy thinking that there is a part of me forever with it.

I carved my name up by the branch I sit on in hopes that someday when a different family lives in my house, a kid that needs solace from their chaotic world will climb it and find that someone else found solace there.

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