Truth in Reasons (Pt. 1)
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The blinding light shone through the only window in the room. I lay there in the center on a gurney. I'd always thought gurney's were supposed to give you the hopeful feeling that you are in safe hands.

Truth in Reasons (Pt. 1)

The blinding light shone through the only window in the room. I lay there in the center on a gurney.

I'd always thought gurney's were supposed to give you the hopeful feeling that you are in safe hands.

Not the feeling of being shackled down on a bed in an unknown warehouse after being kidnapped by a random man in a dark purple jumpsuit. Okay, that's a little much.

As I attempted to turn my face away from the sunlight, I heard footsteps. But they didn't sound normal. There was one ordinary step followed by a click and drag.

This pattern continued until the figure reached the door. They stopped. Then, they opened the door.

Inside came two people; one was the same guy that I saw a glimpse of earlier (the guy who kidnapped me) and the second was a man wearing a heavy,

leather cloak that grazed the ground as he walked. His black hair was disheveled like he had just woken up from a nap, and his silver eyes turned golden as he made his way under the sun.

I began to ask, "What am I doing here? What do you want?" but the words didn't come out. Instead I leaned forward as much as these chains would bring me and studied him closely.

Something about him had seemed familiar, like I had crossed paths with him before, but I couldn't quite but my finger on it. His stare drowned my thoughts. I got it! I thought.

He was the man that took me to Greenwood Brooklyn Orphanage the night my mom had been taken away by the police for some crime that I didn't't understand back then.

Ever since then, I hadn't seen her.

This man saw me sitting upon the mountain of rocks and asked me several questions about my name, family, and address, none of which I could recall in the state of shock I was in.

He looks older, but it was him! I thought at last.

"What do you want? Why am I here?" I reminded myself to keep my tone down so I wouldn't be inviting any trouble. Although I had fast reflexes, my fighting game was not at it's best.

The man took 3 steps forward. Step. Click. Drag. Step. I listened carefully. He has a prosthetic leg.

I began to wonder what his tragic backstory was but his deep, solumn voice caught my attention.

"You are Amelia Anderson, I believe," he said quite calmly. A big part of me wanted to give a sarcastic remark. I resisted.

"Yes," I replied.

"Do you remember me?"

Is that all? Was that all he wanted to know? If I remembered him? All I could think of saying was,"Yes." He waited like he wanted me to say more.

"You were the man who took me to the Greenwood Brooklyn Orphanage after my mom was taken away."

"Correct. You have a great memory." He was right about that. He started to say something but his voice was drowned out by a wailng alarm.

I saw the men look towards the door, I turned my head and it was my step brother. He was being escorted in my two new men, each wearing a different disguise.

I had barely met my step brother. All I knew was that his name was Ethan. I had just gotten adopted yesterday.

Ethan (who looked a few years older than me) and his parents, Daryl and Glen Anderson, came to fill out the papers.

I had met them before, the past several times they had come to visit and look at the orphans. I was the lucky one.

After they were finished, we all walked to their home (my soon-to-be new home) since it was only two streets down from the orphanage. But right as I made it to the end of the street, Mr.

Anderson let go of my hand. I looked up at his face and it looked like he just stood their in awe like he had just witnessed a murder.

I glanced over to see what he was staring at and it was a man in a dark-colored jumpsuit. Violet perhaps. Before I could say anything, Mr Anderson walked away and Mrs.

Anderson and Ethan followed by habit, leaving me there alone. Next thing I know, i'm laying on a cold, dusty bed in some unknown warehouse.

I wait silently until the men leave Ethan. His head is swaying side to side like he is only half conscious and his feet are just barely touching the floor.

He isn't short or anything, looks about 5'6 to me, but he is as light as a feather.

One man sets him down gently and the other drops him without a care in the world. I hear the gentler one whisper something into the other man's ear.

Maybe telling him a thing or two about hospitality. Who am I kidding; I just got kidnapped and taken too a dirty ol' place for no apparent reason.

I don't think hospitality is something they worry about. The men give me a quick stare and head out.

I look at Ethan who is slouched up against the wall. I see him scrunching his nose so I assume that he is waking up. Great. I think.

I haven't really met him yet but from what I can tell, he seems pretty promising. I think he'll help me out, but i've learned not to get my hopes up.

As he is waking up, I notice his hair. Dark black and curly, just like mine. A few freckles are dotted along his nose and cheeks. He opens his eyes and they are a light green color.

I cant believe I didn't pay attention to these things earlier. We look oddly similar.

He looks at me on the bed. I can tell that he cant see too clearly. After all, he just woke up.

He makes the effort to lift his hands up to rub his eyes only to remember that they are tied behind his back. Once he figures out who I am, I can see him tense up. I speak first.

"What are you doing here?"

"Same reason as you. Probably." His voice is low and has a slightly bitter but warm feel.

"Well, I hate to break it to you but I have no idea why I am here in first place." After saying it, I realize how angry I really am.

His face twitches. I get a feeling like I have seen it before. Almost like deja vu. The words fell out of my mouth. "My mom used to make that same face.

" I become consious of the strain of my neck by the way I tilt it. He looks at me with wide eyes like he just aqquired something.

"How old are you?" he asks me with urgency.

"14." I mumble.

"And your name is Amelia? Amelia Cortez?" I didn't know if that was a question or he was just saying it like that.

"Yes," I answered. "My last name was Cortez."

"Well then, my name was Ethan Cortez." It took me a while to take this in but before I could say anything he went on. "Once upon a time, I was also an orphan.

I was a four year old boy wandering the streets every now and then with my dad after he would come home from a long day at work. Then one day, he disappeared.

Just like my mom did when I was born. I was left to fend for myself, but then a man saw me wandering off.

He asked me some questions, dropped me off at an orphanage, and in a few years worth of time I was adopted by the Andersons."

"Just like what happened to me." I stopped for a minute and continued. "What was your dad's name?"

"George." George. I remember looking through my mom's library and finding a bunch of books written by George Cortez.

I always asked her if she knew him because of the last name but she always avoided the topic by saying many people have the same names sweetie.

"Did you ever catch your mom's name?" I asked.

"I mean my dad used to always talk in his sleep and the same name used to come up. Maria." That's my mom's name. It was confirmed.

Ethan and I weren't step siblings; we were actual blood-related siblings.

" So you're my brother."

"I guess so. How's mom doing?"

" Not too well. She was taken away by the cops because she did something wrong. I still don't understand what, though."

"At least she still might be alive." Yeah. At least.

For some reason, I felt guilty. My mom was taken right in front of my eyes and till this day, I didn't't even make an effort to go look for her.

Something inside of me held me back beceause I had no idea where to go. Where to start. But deep down inside, I knew the real reason. When she left I din't see a hint of worry in her face.

It was like she wanted to go and not be found again.

"And dad," Ethan continued, " I have no idea."

We sat there in silence for a bit. I've never felt this many emotions go through me in one day. Man, I have a brother! The thought of that excited me. The door behind Ethan creaked open.

We both turned back towards it. It was the two disguised men that brought Ethan in. Behind them, I heard the step, click, drag, and knew who was coming next.

When he walked in, he wasn't wearing his cloak anymore. He was in a black t-shirt and some grey, navy pants. His dark hair was slicked back and his eyes looked crystal blue, unlike earlier.

Ethan looked towards the man. I can tell by his expressions that he recognizes him. My guess is that that was the man that took him to the orphanage as well. At this point, i'm not surprised.

"So," the man says. "You've solved a part of this mystery all by yourself. I'm so proud." I can tell how hard he's trying to hold back his laughter. I can help but interrupt.

"You know, for a supposedly evil man, you don't seem too serious." Ethan coughs a chuckle.

"Huh, your right about that." he remarks.

" I still dont understand one thing." Ethan speaks and the man turns around to face him. "You are the man that picked us up from the streets and put us in orphanages.

Why didn't you take us then? You realize that you wouldn't have to go through all this kidnapping trouble then, right?"

"Smart kids, both of you." He turns his attention back to me. "Yes, I did realise that. But during that time, my stars weren't favorable." He changed the topic.

"Anyways, you want to know the real reason why you both are here right? Then let me tell you." He attempted an evil snicker but it sounded more like a dying cat.

(Sorry it's so long!)

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